Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale "Fracture": Live Event Start Time, Participation & Details

Despite rumors pointing out that December would see the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5, it will be in fact the start of Chapter 4.

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Fortnite: Chapter 4 is coming! | © Epic Games

Forget about Chapter 3 Season 5, Fortnite Chapter 4 is coming! That's right, the FNCS Invitational not only gave us some incredibly high-level gameplay but also big news regarding the future of the battle royale.

That's right, contrary to popular belief, Chapter 3 will end outright in December, with Epic Games confirming leaks that pointed at a live event to send it off with a bang.

Fortnite Chapter 3: Finale Event "Fracture" – Start Time

Chapter 3, Season 4 is scheduled to end on December 3. But of course not without a big bang! Before a downtime awaits us, the final live event called "Fracture" will take place on December 3 at 4PM ET.

After that, the servers will be down for 12 hours, or even longer. Understandable though, since a new chapter will be introduced ...

Fortnite Chapter 3: Final Event "Fracture" – How to Participate

Up to four players will be able to participate in the event in one lobby. Make sure you are ready at least half an hour before the event starts, as the servers will probably be overloaded at a later time and then you won't be guaranteed to be able to join.

Battle Royale and other modes will be disabled at the start of the event. Instead, you will find an event tab that you need to select. Then click "Play!" as usual to join the event.

If you need a refresher on what to expect, we have a Fortnite Chapter 4 primer for you to check out, in any case, our favorite leaker HYPEX made a quick list of all leaked content you can expect when Fortnite Chapter 4 starts.

Fortnite Chapter 3: Fracture Final Event Leaks

As for the live event, of course there are already some leaks on the internet. But we want to warn you: Spoilers follow! So if you don't want to miss the surprise, we advise you not to read any further...

The leaks come from an inside source at Epic Games, who provided some encrypted Fortnite files and revealed some surprising information. Including audios from the event, sketches and even various environment assets and a list of filenames of quests related to "Fracture".

Live event sketches

The two sketches from the live event are perhaps the most telling leaks. They show how the player is likely standing on a strange island-like body of land in space. In front of him is what appears to be the zero point, but with energy emanating from it in long threads. The second sketch shows a kind of window created by the energy of the zero point, looking into the past when the reality tree was alive and thriving.

Live event audio files

The leaked audio files consist mostly of music, but also contain a few lines of speech. The voice says, "One of us must survive," followed by, "Find out! Zero-Fusion will not be possible until Zero is fully restored. You and your team must restore Zero before anyone knows how." vulnerable we are."

The voice, it seems, comes from the paradigm. Another voiceline reads: "AMIE, status report. Tell him I understand the risks of zero-fusion." Several lines from AMIE follow, in which she mentions that parts of the island have been put back together and that she "never expected so much of the island to survive."

Live Event Quests

In addition, there will again be a lot to do during the live event. We've already learned, thanks to the voicelines, that we have to try somehow to restore the zero point. We don't yet know how we're going to do that. However, the order is probably related to the following quests:

And that was all for now. We're excited to see how the chapter ends. It looks like the live event will be the biggest Fortnite has ever had to offer.

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