Fortnite Clingers & Where To Find Them

What are Clingers and where to find them for week 10's challenge? We show you where to get your hands on these sticky implements of destruction.

Fortnite Clinger challenge chapter 3
A new throwable item! | © Epic Games

In Chapter 3, Season 1 of Fortnite, the Clinger returns to stick onto an enemy's back and watch them go up in a burst of smoke and pixels. Essentially, it’s a grenade with a plunger. The Clinger comes at a high point in Chapter 3 and is just in time for the FNCS tournament happening very soon. Let's first find out what these Clingers are and how they work.

What Are Clingers In Fortnite?

If you haven't figured it out by now, Clingers are basically sticky grenades. In Fortnite, they throw exactly like normal grenades but instead of bouncing off surfaces, they stick to them. If you manage to hit a player with the one, you will deal 100 points of well-earned damage because this will be no easy feat. Good luck aiming, Fortniters!

Where Are Clingers On Fortnite Chapter 3 Map?

There is no specific location or NPC that spawns or sells them in-game at this point in time in Chapter 3, Season 1, however, they do appear as normal loot which simply means they spawn via the following sources present in every lobby of Fortnite.

Clingers spawn as:

  • Floor Loot: These are your items beside chests or randomly placed on the ground
  • Chests: Boxes that shimmer gold and make a gleaming sound when you're close
  • Vaults: Rooms that requires two players to open
  • Bonus Loot: After getting a kill, players explode in a combination of items they carry and extra loot
  • Llamas: A literal loot piñata that runs from you

So unfortunately, there is no exact place you can get floor loot, but typically any named POI or cityscape will contain a lot of floor loot inside buildings and around them.

Week 10 Challenge: Deal Damage To Players With A Clinger

In week 10 of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, you are given the Clinger challenge to complete and this can be done in any lobby over any number of matches, which is great to hear, since this one may take you quite a few tries to complete.

  • Deal Damage To Players With A Clinger (100)

First, you need to scour every space between and inside buildings and hunt down a stack of Clingers. Next, find yourself a player, preferably a bot that will stand nice and still, then take aim and hit them with a bit of that sticky icky. Bam, done and done.

That's right, you only need to stick one player with a Clinger to complete this challenge and earn yourself the 25,000 XP for your Battle Pass. Yes, we know, this is easier said than done, so don't get too frustrated if you miss your mark.

Keep in mind that Clingers do have a bit of splash damage, so, even if you miss, you may still hit a player with it, but just not for the full 100 points of damage. That's pretty much it, so good luck throwing Clingers into the wind and hoping for the best.