UFOs, Aliens & Now Crop Circles! The Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest!

Fortnite season 7 ufo aliens crop circles header
Find the crop Circles! (Credit: Fortnite)

Aliens are coming to Fortnite and the Foreshadowing Quest line keeps hitting at what is now extremely obvious at this point: Aliens will pay a visit to the Fortnite Island in Season 7. Let’s take a look at the Foreshadowing Quest: Place warning signs at crop circles.

Season 6 is in the final moments and Fortnite Season 7 is only weeks away, so do not delay and finish off your Season 6 challenges before they get replaced! Week 11’s Challenges are fairly easy but some of them require a little more effort like scaling a giant mountain to plant a Crystal beacon and finding the ghost and shadow ruins. You can also do the different Foreshadowing Quest that is leading us up to Season 7.

Let's take a look at some crop circles!

Where to place Warning Signs In Fortnite

To place Fortnite warning signs at a crop circle you're going to want to head to Colossal Crops, the large farm on the island, Colossal Crops is just located to the northeast of the center of the map. It is the place where corn was growing but has not been replaced by a Fortnite crop circle. If you approach the crop circle you can interact with it and complete this Foreshadowing quest! Look to the skies because something alien is coming to Fortnite soon!

That’s it, now enjoy your 24,000 XP and check out how to repair damaged telescopes or visit a crashed helicopter to get some more XP for your Season 6 Battle Pass before it leaves! These two quests also happen to be the other Foreshadowing Quests that keep teasing us of the incoming aliens in Fortnite Season 7.

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