The New Dark Phoenix Skin in Fortnite!

A new outfit has entered the store in Fortnite. Dark Phoenix is available for 24 hours for the time being. We show you everything about the Marvel skin.

Fortnite Dark Phoenix Skin Marvel Item shop
Another Marvel skin and again, stylish. | © Epic Games

We've been waiting a long time, but now the time has come: A new skin is available in the Fortnite item shop. And it's really something special. The Dark Phoenix outfit brings us another Marvel collaboration - and again, it's worth loading up V-Bucks and going on a shopping spree!

Dark Phoenix Skin in Fortnite Item Shop

The outfit entered the item shop on November 12 and surprised the entire Fortnite community as Epic Games unexpectedly threw the new items into the Item Shop. In addition to the skin, a back bling "The Phoenix Force Back Bling", a loading screen "Wrath of the Phoenix" and an emote "Rising Phoenix" have also been added to the store. However, the emote is available independently of the other three items.

What does Dark Phoenix have to do with Marvel, and who are they? In the movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix, as the name suggests, she plays the main role. And since Epic Games has a collaboration with Marvel, and we've already seen some other cool Marvel collaborations, Dark Phoenix is a new marvel collaboration. On the official Epic Games site, Dark Phoenix is described as follows:


Jean Grey, hit by a cosmic force that transcended her into becoming Phoenix, has been manipulated into something even darker! Already possessing powerful telekinetic and telepathic abilities in the Marvel universe, the cosmic blast that occurred during a rescue mission set Jean Grey on an unexpected path. That path now brings Dark Phoenix to the Fortnite Island!

How To Get The Dark Phoenix Skin?

Since Dark Phoenix is in the Item Shop, you can buy the skin together with the fiery back bling and the loading screen. These three items together cost 1,500 V-Bucks, which is really fair for such nice skin. The Rising Phoenix emote costs just 300 V-Bucks and is the perfect complement to the outfit.

We definitely recommend you go shopping and buy a cool new skin. Because when do we ever get an outfit this badass? The next skin that's even close to this awesome is the Naruto skin, which was officially announced this week. And then the new season is already slowly waiting us - possibly with the start of Chapter 3?