Destroy Target Dummies With IO Weapons in Fortnite

Dummies fortnite season 7
Shoot it with an IO Weapon | © Epic Games

Fortnite Season 7 has quite a number of quests to complete in Week 12 and this mini-guide will focus on finding target Dummies and destroying them with any IO Weapon. First, find that weapon, then take aim, and fire at a Dummy.

The Fortnite Week 12 Challenges are here and as always, there are some legendary quests that require a little more effort to complete. One of these legendary quests requires you to locate an IO Weapon and then shoot 4 Dummies hiding around the Season 7 map.

How to get an IO Weapon?

There are a few sure ways to get an IO Alien Weapon in Fortnite Season 7.

The fastest way is to head to one of the many satellite stations littered across the Season 7 Map. Just look for the red light atop the satellite dish as you jump out of the Battle Bus. Here, you will either find an IO Chest or an IO Henchmen/Invader, which both will guarantee an Alien IO Weapon to drop once looted or killed. Once you have an alien gun in your loadout, you are ready to hunt down the four needed Dummies for this Legendary Quest.

Where to Find the Dummies in Fortnite

The Dummies are simply targets that you must literally shoot with an IO Weapon, pretty simple, eh? Each location has a set of four Dummies to shoot at.

Dummies at Weeping Woods & Slurpy Swamp

Fortnite dummies weeping woods
Each POI has 4 Dummies | © Epic Games
  • On the edge of Slurpy Swamp, find two sets of Dummies, one is to the South, hiding in an opening beyond the trees that overlooks the swampy water, the other set of Dummies are just outside the factory to the west.
  • In the Weeping Woods, find one set of Dummies just outside the largest cabin in the woods. The other set of Dummies are past the trailer park to the south, and on the cliff before you hit the road.

Dummies at Corny Complex

Fortnite dummies corny complex
8 Dummies at Corny Complex | © Epic Games
  • In Risky Reels there are 4 Dummies, two are located in the southwestern corner and the other two are located under the large tree next to the red building.
  • In Corny Complex, find all 4 Dummies just outside of the large building in the center of the compound in front of a cornfield.

Outside of finding an IO Weapon, you should find this quest pretty easy to complete in your first lobby and easily secure the 30K XP. If you are looking for more challenges, then check out where to deploy scanners in Alien Biomes.

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