Everything About Ariana Grande's First Fortnite Show

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Ariana Grande's first Fortnite concert was amazing! | © Epic Games

After weeks full of anticipation and leaks, we finally got to see Ariana Grande's first Fortnite show yesterday evening. It was a massive, spectacular event, we absolutely loved it. You missed it and want to know more before checking out her next Fortnite concerts? Here is everything about Ariana Grande's first Fortnite show!

We were looking forward to Ariana Grande's first Fortnite show for WEEKS. And let me tell you... it did not disappoint one of the best in-game events we have seen in a long time. Better than Travis Scott's for sure...

Now in case you missed Ariana Grande in Fortnite, let us quickly run you through everything...

What Happened In Ariana Grande's First Fortnite Show?

Before Ariana Grande's Fortnite show started, players were able to hang out together on the UFO in the middle of the map. You were able to change into objects and project your skin in the sky... you know, #justGrandethings. It was nothing too exciting, but pretty chill anyway...

Then suddenly, after a long wait, a portal opened and sucked in everyone. This pre-show was absolutely bonkers: it featured a colorful slide, a fluffy pink world, a fight against a big storm monster and some dancing zombies? Honestly, I had absolutely no idea what was going on and it was pretty weird. I just wanted to see Ariana Grande in Fortnite!

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And after this psychedelic nightmare, I finally got Ariana Grande in Fortnite. She came dropping down in a see of light like a star, quite literally. And let me tell you... it was gorgeous. Oh yeah, the players then danced with a GIANT Ariana Grande in a see of bubbles, vaguely greek architecture that was floating in the sky and all kinds of other weird stuff. The psychedelic trip didn't end after all...

It was great though. Unfortunately, it was very short: the actual show lasted less than 10 minutes. But that's ok – it was out-there, exciting, massive and spectacular. Everything we hoped for in Ariana Grande's first Fortnite show! And also: we will get more Ariana Grande in Fortnite!

What Are The Dates For Ariana Grande's Rift Tour in Fortnite?

Ariana Grande's Rift Tour in Fortnite will be back for 4 more dates:

  • August 7th: Global at 2:00 pm
  • August 8th: Asia & Oceana at 12:00 pm
  • August 8th: EU & ME at 10:00 am
  • August 8th: The Americas at 6:00 pm

If you missed Ariana live in Fortnite, no wozzas: you'll have another chance. And after this spectacle, we can only recommend it!

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