How To Find and Defeat a Cube Monster Boss in Fortnite

The new Fortnite Sledgehammer quests are here, and the latest one requires you to defeat a cube monster boss in the Sideways realm.

Fortnite Boss Würfelmonster
Where is the Cube Monster Boss? | © Epic Games

With the new season came the Sideways zones to Fortnite, which are home to the scary cube monsters. Now, a quest from Sledgehammer requires you to defeat one of the cube monster bosses. The bosses prove to be a bit trickier than the other monsters, but we'll show you how to defeat them.

When you complete this challenge, you will receive 30,000 XP. To farm XP for your Battle Pass even faster, we highly recommend joining Fortnite's double XP weekend!

What Are Boss Cube Monsters in Fortnite?

By now, there are quite a few different monsters in Fortnite. But not all of them count as bosses. A boss cube monster includes the Warden and the mythical Brutes. It's possible that the Cube Assassin is also a boss, although that hasn't been confirmed yet. So drop us a Discord message if you got the deets.

Where Can I Find The Boss Cube Monsters in Fortnite?

The Wardens can be found anywhere on the map and drag players into the Sideways zones along with other Cube Monsters you will then need to fight. During gameplay, simply open the map and look for the Warden icon to find them. The mythical Brutes spawn after several waves of monsters are defeated in a Sideways Anomaly, which look like rifts or scars in reality. The Cube Assassin spawns at random times, so it's hard to nail down the locations of those.

How To Defeat The Boss Cube Monsters in Fortnite?

As always, multiple weapons and a large supply of ammo are necessary to defeat the cube monster bosses in Fortnite. The monsters are pretty slow, but you shouldn't underestimate them when they come running at you in a horde. It's best to grab a couple of friends and make it your mission to run track down the Sideways zones until you defeat one of the bosses. The sideways weapons like the scythe are very effective against the monsters. So, make sure you grab the weapons from the Sideways chests before you go after the monsters. The rest is up to you. We wish you good luck!

To farm even more XP, talk to the other different NPCs on the island. Also, right now, you have the opportunity to unlock the free Rainbow Racer skin or the Queen of Dice by doing a few quests.