Fortnite 16.50 Patch Notes

Fortnite 16.50 Patch Notes
The dual pistols are back! (Credit: Ben Shafer - Artstation)

Fortnite received a brand-new patch today with the 16.50 update which already went live. 16.50 is supposedly the last update before Fortnite enters Season 7. Here's all you need to know about it.

The Fortnite patch notes of Update 16.50 were revealed earlier on the Fortnite Trello board. Worry not though, as Epic aren't just fixing bugs in the Battle Royale, but also adding some new content. Epic hinted that we can expect the following changes in the 16.50 patch:

  • A fan-favorite comes back out of the vault (the Dual Pistols)
  • Survey and oversee larger spaces in Creative
  • Spend your Bars BIG in the next Wild Week starting June 3!

Fortnite 16.50 Patch Notes

The full notes for the 16.50 patch in Fortnite are not yet clear, but the official Trello board gives us a good idea of what we can expect:


  • Player-built structures have reduced visuals in PC Performance Mode.
  • Just-added friends wrongly appearing offline.
  • Unable to equip cape Back Blings on Rebirth Raven's Rachel Roth Style.
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Battle Royale

  • Moving left in the inventory on your controller skips the last weapon slot.

New Weapons and Consumables

  • Battery Pack
  • Gun Powder
  • Resin

Vaulted weapons

  • Rare Tactical Assault Rifle
  • Legendary Tactical Assault Rifle

Unvaulted weapons

  • Drum Gun
  • Rare Dual Pistols
  • Epic Dual Pistols


  • "Recent Islands" list does not update.
  • The ocean appears invisible in the mini-map.
  • A game not starting if a player is in the Phone Booth.

In addition, you can now get 400 XP for eliminating Orelia. Neat.

For the changes in Creative, you can check the official post by Epic. Have you tried the new patch? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!


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