Fortnite 17.20 Unofficial Patch Notes

Fortnite 17 20 Unofficial Patch Notes
What's in the upcoming patch? | © Epic Games

Fortnite is currently in Week 4 of Season 7, but a lot of changes might come later this week. By the looks of it, 17.20 will be the next big patch in Fortnite. Here's what might come along with it.

Let's start by saying that according to unconfirmed rumors, patch 17.20 in Fortnite was delayed to July 13. That's certainly not official, and considering the challenges for Week 5 were already leaked, we have good reason to expect a patch in a few days. Some upcoming challenges mention a new location and new items that aren't in the game yet. For all we know, they'll both be added with the next big update or a hotfix.

Fortnite 17.20 Unofficial Patch Notes

Today, we'll take a look at all the potential changes coming with Fortnite's patch 17.20. Epic haven't made any official statements, so it's all speculation. Without further ado, here's all we know so far!

LeBron James Skin

One of the biggest Fortnite leaks in the last few days was the LeBron James skin coming to Fortnite. We've already seen the NBA bundles come and go, but now it's time for the LA Lakers star to make his debut in the Icon Series.

New Locations

The leaked challenges for Week 5 mention Holly Hatchery, a brand-new location that's currently not on the Fortnite map. We're pretty sure that'll be the new name for Holly Hedges. Data miners have also leaked Afterparty, the aftermath to Believer Beach, and various underground POI.

New Weapons and Items

Inflate-A-Bull Jetpack

One of the rumored items rumored to arrive with patch 17.20 is the Inflate-A-Bull Jetpack.

According to data miners, you'll be able to inflate it and bounce around the battlefield.

Alien Nanites

Alien Nanites will be a new crafting component in Fortnite that'll allow you to upgrade your regular weapons to alien tech. Alternatively, you'll be able to use it as a grenade to create an alien biodome with low gravity.

The alien nanites bring us to the next item that's supposedly coming with the 17.20 update.

Bad News

It's clear that upgrading a pistol with alien nanites will result in "Bad News". It's certainly a weapon, but we're not sure exactly what it'll do. So far, we only have some sound effects.

Gravity Gun

Last, but certainly not least, we got the Gravity Gun. It's a weapon we initially saw in the Season 7: Invasion trailer, where Rick Sanchez used it. The Gravity Gun reminds us of the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator from Half-Life.

With it, you'll probably be able to toss around objects and damage enemies.

Fortnite Patch 17.20 Release Date

As mentioned earlier, Fortnite's patch 17.20 is expected to drop on July 13. Our best guess is that part of the changes will be coming this week on Thursday, when the challenges will be released. We might be pleasantly surprised after all.

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