Fortnite Cash Cup Extra Presented by DreamHack: Date & Details

Fortnite Cash Cup Extra Presented by Dream Hack Participation Details
The Cash Cup Extra presented at DreamHack goes into the next round | © Epic Games

Fortnite Cash Cup Extra presented by DreamHack is about to go into the next round! We show you how to participate and where you can follow the tournament. Let's go!

The Fortnite Cash Cup Extra offers everyone the opportunity to participate. As we know, the Fortnite DreamHack Open is extremely popular. And to overcome the time to this next big tournament, there is now the Fortnite Cash Cup Extra presented by DreamHack. Do you want to take part? No problem, we'll show you how! And if you just want to chill and watch, then that's also possible.

What Is the Fortnite Cash Cup Extra Presented by DreamHack?

The best players from North America East and Europe will compete to determine which trio team earns additional bragging rights and prize money. This tournament will take place three times per Season in 2021. As the name suggests, these special Extra Cups will be presented by DreamHack.

How To Participate in Fortnite Cash Cup Extra?

The top 132 teams from the Cash Cup of the week qualify for the Cash Cup Extra. For each applicable Cash Cup Extra, all eligible players on a Trio Team must have advanced in the respective Trio Cup with cash prizes at the start of that specific Cash Cup Extra, in order to be eligible to join and participate during the in-game time window of the Player Search Competition Section.

Each competition section in Cash Cup Extra lasts approximately three hours, with a new match starting every thirty minutes. Teams may participate in a maximum of six matches during each competition segment.

When Do the Cash Cups and Cash Cups Extra Take Place?

We have the overview for you here:

Cash Cup Extra #4 - 14. July

The best 132 teams from the Cash Cup of 12 July

Cash Cup Extra #5 - 21. July

The best 132 teams from the Cash Cup of 19 July

Cash Cup Extra #6 - 25. August

The best 132 teams of the Cash Cup of 23 August

What Are the Placement Points of the Cash Cup Extra?

Unlike other tournaments, Cash Cup Extra doesn't just focus on placement, but also on kills. One elimination will earn you a whopping 6 points! You can see the placement points here:

  • Epic Victory: 55 Points
  • 2. Place: 49 Points
  • 3. Place: 46 Points
  • 4. Place: 43 Points
  • 5. Place: 40 Points
  • 6. Place: 37 Points
  • 7. Place: 35 Points
  • 8. Place: 33 Points
  • 9. Place: 31 Points
  • 10. Place: 29 Points
  • 11. Place: 27 Points
  • 12. Place: 25 Points
  • 13. Place: 23 Points
  • 14. Place: 21 Points
  • 15. Place: 19 Points
  • 16. Place: 17 Points
  • 17. Place: 15 Points
  • 18. Place: 13 Points
  • 19. Place: 11 Points
  • 20. Place: 9 Points
  • 21. Place: 7 Points
  • 22. Place: 5 Points
  • 23. Place: 3 Points

What Can You Win in Cash Cup Extra?

The following prizes will be awarded to each team, with equal division among three players based on their placement on the leaderboard at the end of each competition section.

Event Prizes – Europe

  • 1.: $2,100
  • 2.: $1,800
  • 3.: $1,500
  • 4.: $1,200
  • 5.: $900
  • 6. – 10.: $750
  • 11.–20.: $600

Event Prizes – North America (East)

  • 1.: $2,100
  • 2.: $1,800
  • 3.: $1,500
  • 4.: $1,200
  • 5.: $900
  • 6. – 10.: $750
  • 11.–20.: $600

Where Can I Watch the Fortnite Cash Cup Presented by Dreamhack Live?

Just check out the DreamHack Twitch channel. If you prefer a more relaxed experience, or if your skills just aren't up to par, then grab some chips and popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

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