Get to the Choppa in Fortnite’s Impossible Escape LTM

Fortnite Impossible Escame LTM
Complete the LTM and get this sweet loading screen! (Credit: Epic Games)

Today, Epic Games revealed Fortnite's next limited-time mode (LTM) and it's the Impossible Escape. Gather up your crew and try to make it to the end!

If you were itching for some cooperative PvE action or a brand-new PvP mode in Fortnite, the Impossible Escape LTM might be just the thing for you. Epic Games released a trailer for the new limited-time mode today.

The Impossible Escape LTM

First and foremost you might wonder: "What is the Impossible Escape?". This new limited-time mode can be played in either PvP or PvE. It's a mode for 16 players that takes place on the island we all know. The goal? Survive long enough and escape. Simple right?

Impossible Escape LTM Choppah
Quite literally, get to the Choppa! (Credit: Epic Games)

Players wake up alone and have to find a damaged Choppa, then repair it and escape. The escape vehicles need 4 repair parts to become usable so teaming up is a good idea. In the PvP mode, there's only a single Choppa, in the PvE one there are three. While the PvP is self-explanatory, players in the PvE mode won't be able to harm each other.

Worry not though, there's plenty of pain coming from the island with various beasts and guardians that'll increase in difficulty the longer the game goes. Once you encounter another player you'll have the option to squad up. As usual, the maximum squad size is four.

The Impossible Escape Rewards

If you manage to actually survive you'll get more than just your freedom. Reaching the end in the PvE mode will award you with the Impossible Odds Loading Screen while the PvP mode will offer the Escapist Umbrella.

Fortnite Escapist Umbrella Impossible Escape LTM
The Escapist Umbrella can be yours! (Credit: Epic Games)

The Impossible Escape LTM is already available, and you'll be able to queue up until May 25. Will you be taking part in the LTM? Did you already try it? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!


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