Fortnite & Destiny Crossover Confirmed

Destiny is the latest addition to Fortnite - according to dataminers. Here's what we know.

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Looking better than ever. | © Epic

Fortnite and Destiny are crossing over, bringing the total of Fortnite characters up to everybody that ever existed within pop-culture. This latest crossover can only be followed by a US Presidents crossover, because I can't think of anything else they haven't added to the game.

Destiny and Fortnite Collaboration Confirmed

The news was broken by Ginsor on Twitter with some official artwork, and I gotta be honest... these look sick. In a way, the skins actually look better than they do in Destiny, so on that note - mission accomplished. Outside of the artwork we don't know anything about the crossover - there's no release date, nor any other details.

I gotta wonder what Fortnite is planning to do with all these collaborations, because... if Epic ever decided to turn Fortnite into an MMORPG, they would literally have all the licenses there are. I mean, consider this: Fortnite can compete with all games on their own turf, by simply adjusting the gameplay. If they get good FGC programmers, they would have a fighting game on their hands where Street Fighter characters can fight Naruto characters. If they introduced RPG elements, you could roleplay Goku in the same world as the Terminator. Epic literally has the world of gaming in the palm of their hand... It's about time they do more with it than a battle royale.