Fortnite Golden Touch Bundle: Release Date & What’s In It?

Fortnite golden skin
No, it's not these skins, but it's gold and shiny and we like it a lot! (Credit: Epic Games)

You’re curious about the Fortnite Golden Touch Bundle? We’ll tell you when it’ll release, what’s in it and how much it’ll cost.

Fortnite dataminers truly are a gift to every single player. Once again, they have found something that piqued our interest… and not just visually

The Golden Touch Bundle.

Fortnite 00000
It does look nice, both versions do, but the one on the left just... chef's kiss. (Credit: Epic Games)

When is the Fortnite Golden Touch Bundle Coming Out?

You might remember our article about when Fortnite Season 5 will end. We predict the Fortnite Golden Touch Bundle coming out before that, so sometime before March 16th.

How Much Is the Fortnite Golden Touch Bundle?

Anything that is of “Epic” quality will not be cheap. If you were to talk Epic quality in League of Legends, you’d pay 100+ dollars, but since we’re still talking about Fortnite, it’ll probably be around 20 bucks. It looks to be worth it though because there’s a lot of stuff featured in the Fortnite Golden Touch Bundle.

What’s In the Fortnite Golden Touch Bundle?

  • Marigold Outfit (the more kills you get, the more golden it'll turn)
  • Golden Daggers Pickaxe
  • Golden Gambit Back Bling
  • 1,500 V-Bucks (if you complete the quests related to the Golden Touch Bundle)
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Once the Fortnite Golden Touch Bundle is out, we'll cover it right here on EarlyGame, so make sure you stick around!