Fortnite June Player of the Month: Arkhram

Arkhram ended up being a steal for 100 Thieves. | © ProGuides Fortnite Tips, Tricks & Guides

In our new Player of the Month series, we introduce you to some of the best players, streamers, and content creators in Fortnite. Our first choice is none other than Diego "Arkhram" Lima.

Each month, we take a look at a player who has done exceptional work in recent weeks. It's the first time we're choosing the EarlyGame Fortnite Player of the Month, so we wanted to make it special. Today, we present to you the EarlyGame Fortnite Player of the Month for June 2021: Arkhram.

Who is Arkhram?

Arkhram is a player for 100 Thieves and has been with the team since 2019. Over the past few seasons, he has become one of the best players in Fortnite. He was also part of the team that won the last three (yes, that's right, three!) Fortnite Champion Series. As most of you probably know, that's no small feat, and very few players achieve that. On top of it, he's also been doing very well in Cash Cups lately.

Of course, Arkhram isn't perfect. No one is. His strength is in team or trio games. Still, even when he competes solo or without his normal trio, he has often scored well in recent events. The 16-year-old has already won around $1,000,000 just by playing Fortnite.

Arkhram and 100 Thieves

Now you know that Arkhram is a damn good player. Know what's more impressive? How he got to sign with 100 Thieves: one of the premier esports organizations. Back in 2019, leading up to the first Fortnite World Championship, Arkhram got to play some Fortnite with none other than Dr Disrespect.

Doc was so impressed with the kid that when Nadeshot asked him to recommend a player for 100 Thieves to sign, the Doctor brought up that same kid that carried him through games. Almost signed as a joke, Arkhram turned out to be a fantastic investment for Nadeshot.

Why is Arkhram the Fortnite Player of the Month?

Arkhram has had a great run of results lately. Again, he was part of the trio that won 3 FNCS wins in a row. But we're picking the player of the month, not the team of the month. Arkhram is currently Fortnite's top-rated player and while there haven't been as many tournaments for him to prove himself in lately, we know that he rocks both the small cups and the big tournaments.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.