Leak: Ariana Grande Skin and In-Game Concert Coming To Fortnite

Fortnite Ariana Grande
Will Ariana Grande soon perform in Fortnite? | © Epic Games / Ariana Grande

New Fortnite leaks hint that pop superstar Ariana Grande will soon come to the Fortnite island and give fans an in-game concert. How rad is that? Let's take a look at it!

During the ongoing dispute between Epic Games and Apple, it was revealed a few weeks ago that several high-profile collaborations were in the works, ranging from anime characters like Naruto, to pop superstars like Lady Gaga and rock-hard dudes like The Rock.

Ariana Grande Skin and In-game Concert

While it's likely that many of these crossovers were just ideas, we've also seen some collaborations actually come to fruition. Yes, we're talking about basketball legend LeBron James, who came to Fortnite last week with a lot of bling.

Now, a new set of leaks also came to light, loudly emphasizing that music icon Ariana Grande will indeed appear in Fortnite soon. Let's dive into the leaks of the pop starlet.

Fortnite Leaker Reveals Ariana Grande Skin and In-Game Concert

The anonymous leaker, who was also previously correct with his announcements about Superman, Rick Sanchez, LeBron, and even the foreshadowing quests, claimed that "Ariana Grande will be coming to Fortnite soon to perform an in-game concert".

Perhaps the most interesting part of this alleged leak is that it also claims that Epic Games employees have already conducted a test launch for Ariana Grande's in-game concert, which means that an Ariana Grande skin and Ariana Grande concert could be coming sooner than we think.

We remember Travis Scott's and Marshmello's killer Fortnite concerts, which broke several records at once. Could Epic Games have more of the same planned now? We know that an Ariana Grande Fortnite concert would go through the roof and could give the already great game another big push.

Nothing is officially confirmed yet, but we will give you an update as soon as we have more information about the Ariana Grande skin and her concert. Until then, you can pass your time with other interesting topics:

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.