Fortnite Movie in the Works Starring The Rock!

Fortnite Rock
We smell what The Rock and Fortnite are cooking. Oh... we smell it for sure. (Credit: Epic Games)

You heard all those rumors about The Rock and Fortnite, right? Well... they're not rumors anymore and the truth is far bigger than just a The Rock skin coming to Fortnite or him voicing a character...

You read the headline, why am I even beating around the bush: Fortnite is getting a movie adaption and The Rock is starring in it! Ok... first of all let's all take a moment to gather ourselves...

... alright... I'm gathered...

This makes perfect sense, since rumors about The Rock and Fortnite have been swirling around ever since Rock first posted this on his Instagram:

So all this talk about The Foundation was just to throw us off... yeah, sure he might've lent his voice to the character, but that was obvious from the start... I mean... The Foundation... The Rock... come on? A rock is a solid foundation. There. Solved. Epic really didn't go out of their way to hide this one, but this movie reveal? Well... they hid this one very, very, well!

Rock Tequila
The Rock Starring in the Fortnite movie adaption? We'll drink to that. (Credit: The Rock)

Who Will Direct the Fortnite Movie?

Beyond 'just' starring The Rock (who currently is Hollywood's highest grossing actor by a long shot), the movie will also be directed by the Russo Brothers! If you're not familiar, the Russo Brothers are only the two minor gentlemen that directed a large portion of The Avengers movies... no biggie... no biggie at all...


If Corona was meant to lead us up to this moment, then... maybe the isolation was worth it. Is it an overreaction to already call this the movie of the year in whatever year it will be released in?

Oh, if you didn't know: Epic Games had hints for this all along. It was also the Russo Brothers who directed this Fortnite Season 6 Trailer:

What Else Do We Know About the Fortnite Movie?

What? Being the first source to bring the news of The Rock starring in a Russo-directed Fortnite movie isn't enough? Ok then... high standards much, huh? Well, at this very moment we don't know more than that. We also don't have a release date for you, but if you want to take our guess for it, then we expect this movie sometime in the future.

If you wanna catch the official press release and all the details, you can do so here.


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