Fortnite: Naruto Skin Season 8 Release Date

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Just a few more weeks and then we will finally get Naruto in Fortnite!| © BANDAI NAMCO

It's been months since the official announcement of the Naruto skin in Fortnite and fans were hoping that the Hokage would be available as a Battle Pass Skins. To our disappointment, Naruto still isn't available in game yet, though. When will we finally get to play as Naruto Uzumaki? Well, that's where we come in, with the Naruto release date in Fortnite!

To understand the saga of the Naruto and Fortnite collaboration, we have to take you back all the way to the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. There, multiple files were made public, which included skin data and future collaborations within Fortnite.

The list of leaked collaborations included some pretty big names from the entertainment industry like Ariana Grande, J Balvin and Will Smith – just to name a few. It wasn't just entertainers whose collaborations were leaked, no also prominent figures from various video games like Samus Aran were also on the leaked list.

But what truly caught the attention of the Fortnite community was the tiny peak of a potential Naruto skin which was also leaked in the documents. Come on guys, Naruto is the most popular Anime of any GenY kid and Boruto is becoming the top-tier anime for GenZ. Weeb alert!

Fans have been patiently waiting and even expected the Naruto Uzumaki skin to be available as a Battle Pass Skin for Fortnite Season 8. Sadly, that didn't happen.

Since this never happened, and we are still waiting, Naruto-less fans began to speculate when the release date of the Naruto collaboration would truly be. Thankfully, we've got Fortnite leakers like HYPEX who are shining a little bit of light on the issue!

When is the Naruto Skin Relase Date in Fortnite?

According to HYPEX, one of the most prominent leakers in Fortnite, the 22nd anniversary of Naruto is September 21. He speculates that the Naruto skin will be released on this day – so basically he means today. The skin is going to be released today. So check your shop, because later today – maybe tomorrow – the Naruto skin might be available.

Also, the added crows and a banner that resembled Shisuis eye could be another hint from Epic Games that we aren't too far off from the Naruto collaboration.

Of course, all this information is still just speculation from the Fortnite community, but we're hyped to see the Naruto skin become a reality. Seriously Epic, don't leave your community hanging. Once we've got concrete news, we will make sure to inform you guys. Until then, keep checking our Fortnite news rubric for all the latest Fortnite information!

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