Fortnite Patch 17.10 – The Summer Event Is On!

Fortnite Patch Notes 17 10
The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event starts soon, so get your swimsuits and alien hats on! | © Epic Games

Epic Games is getting ready to release a huge new update that lays the foundation for the big Cosmic Summer event. We have all the patch notes for Fortnite Update 17.10 for you!

The Fortnite servers are down and a new update is coming! We already told you that Fortnite is planning a big Cosmic Summer Celebration event and now it's finally starting! But of course, that's not all. We'll tell you when the Fortnite downtime is over and what news awaits you on the island.

Fortnite Downtime

The downtime for the v17.10 Fortnite update starts earlier than most updates today. The downtime started at 9:30 AM CET in the morning.

It is not clear how long the server downtime will last, but the servers usually come back online around 11 AM. You'll just have to hold out for a bit until you can jump back into Battle Royale!

Fortnite 17.10 Patch Notes

As always, Epic Games is keeping quiet about Fortnite's patch notes, but at least we were able to find a few hints about the update. It's no surprise that the patch seems to be the basis for the Cosmic Summer event. There will be some cool quests, rewards, and maybe even a big party. Brace yourselves – it looks like the update will even allow us to enter the mothership! This is what Epic teased via the official Fortnite Status Twitter account.

Arena Hype points will also be reset as the competitive preseason comes to an end. This means you start at 0 points and can grind in to advance to the Champions League again. Of course, there are also a bunch of bug fixes that Epic had to take care of. Here's the full list:

General Bug Fixes:

The Item Shop update notice does not clear after visiting the Item Shop.

Battle Royale Bug Fixes:

  • Taking damage through cars while in motion
  • Ability to change loot pools in Battle Lab temporarily disabled
  • Character Collection Book incompletable due to missing entries
  • Saucers may become inoperable if a beamed-up object falls on it.
  • Bunnywolf and Llion Sets temporarily disabled.
  • One-handed Pickaxes continue to perform extra swings

Creative Bug Fixes:

  • Rounds not reporting correct placements
  • We're investigating an issue that is causing the Hud Controller device to appear as default when using join in progress.
  • Images are cut off in the Discover tab
  • The player can encounter an infinite loading screen when flying out of Island

Mobile Bug Fixes:

  • No indicator on mobile/Nintendo Switch for the Saucer boost cooldown and charges
  • Nintendo Switch players unable to gift cosmetics, Bundles, or Battle Pass on controller

That's it for the 17.10 Patch Notes in Fortnite Update!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.