LEAK: Samus Aran Skin in Fortnite

Samus Aran Skin Fortnite
Teasers suggest Samus could be coming to Fortnite. (Credit: Nintendo)

The recently released Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic series may have announced the next game hero for the game. Could Samus soon appear in Fortnite?

Samus Aran from Metroid has been spotted in the latest issue of the Batman/Fortnite comic. The leak follows an earlier rumor when Samus' planned appearance in Fortnite was revealed in documents released as part of the ongoing Epic vs. Apple lawsuit.

Who is Samus Aran?

Samus Aran is the protagonist of the Metroid video game series from Nintendo. She was introduced in 1986 with the video game Metroid. Samus Aran is a former Galactic Federation soldier who became a bounty hunter, usually equipped with a powered exoskeleton and weapons such as directed energy weapons and missiles. Throughout the series, she carries out missions given to her by the Galactic Federation, while hunting the antagonistic space pirates and their leader Ridley, along with the parasitic energy-consuming organisms called Metroids.

The Samus Aran Leak

The leak of the Samus Aran skin is in issue #3 of the Batman/Fortnite comic. In the background of a panel, the character's distinctive silhouette can be seen alongside Chun-Li and Ryu, who are already in the game. This is an important clue, as Samus is the most famous pop culture icon to wear such large, spherical shoulder armor on her otherwise slender armor. Interestingly, the silhouette is positioned and colored in such a way that it's easy to miss the character. Especially when compared to a number of other heroes a bit further down.

Samus Skin Leak Fortnite
The video game heroes resemble the silhouettes in the background. (Credit: Epic Games)

It would be really cool to see Samus as the next video game heroine in Fortnite. As usual, Epic has not commented on these leaks. We'll just have to wait it out and see whether Samus will appear in Fortnite at some point.


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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.