Fortnite Season 5: Zero Point Trailer Revealed

Zero point fortnite season 5
Season 5 of Fortnite - The Hunt begins! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Get hyped Fortnite players because the Season 5 Story Trailer: Zero Point was released. We take a look at what's going down in the Nexus as Season 5 is here and brings us to The Hunt!

A mystery portal down a giant pit? Yes, that right! Epic Games has revealed the first part of the story trailer for Fortnite Season 5. This trailer features our hero Jones, who doesn't waste any time getting sucked down a massive hole and into a portal. Yikes! Talk about a bad at the office!

Your mission in Fortnite Season 5, if you choose to accept, is to seal the time loop. But to seal this loop, you'll need the help of powerful allies from a galaxy far, far, away. We literally just saved the world from Galactus and now the Zero Point refuses to give us any peace! Can't a guy catch a freaking break...?

Anyhow, perhaps there is a famous Bounty Hunter covered in Beskar that can save us from the Zero Point. I also heard he has a cute little companion in tow!

Join the Hunt is the new tag line that kicks off Fortnite Season 5. This time players will enlist the help of powerful hunters across the galaxy to keep the threat of the Seven at bay.

At this point, Fortniters are in full hype mode as the Mandalorian and The Child will join the Hunt in Season 5. We expect everyone and their brother, sister, uncle, and grandma to be running around in-game rocking the Mado skin! Could Season 5 be even better than Season 4? Can Star Wars out hype the Marvel Heroes? Only the coming of events of Season 5: Zero Point can answer that question, so until then see in the lobby Fortniters.

EarlyGame will have more Fortnite news about Season 5 and whatever else transpires in the Nexus in the coming weeks.