Fortnite Streamers Assemble! Ninja, TheGrefg, & Lachlan Form Squad for Icon Stream

Icons Fortnite Streamers
Four Icons, with four skins, squad up, for a four man lobby. (Credit: Epic Games)

Ninja, Loserfruit, Lachlan, and TheGrefg are the most popular Fortnite streamers and each one of them has an Icon skin. If I told you that all four of them just grouped up for a historic live stream that would be totally poggers, right? Let's check out this all-star stream!

On January 16 we got another Fortnite Icon Series skin, Grefg. With four Icon skins out there, the streamers teamed up for an epic lobby.

Lachlan and Loserfruit had to suffer a bit and play on a US server and therefore had to play at 220 ping, a small sacrifice for this historic moment in Fortnite history. The two streamers were more than happy to be a part of this star stacked lobby if not for a bit of lag.

Ninja shot off, “Alright guys, this is an ‘iconic’ moment. Everyone has their own skin!”

With Lachlan following up with a “That’s crazy to think about.”

The combined four streamers have a staggering number of subscribers across all the major social media platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter and it's easy to say it's well over 50 million subs or followers. Talk about a totally stacked lobby! Check out some clips from Ninja's stream.

The four, not surprisingly, stomped the lobby and even celebrated by having a dance-off on the final victim's grave just before Victory Royale flashed onto the screen.

Who do you think deserves to join the Icon Series Skins? Let us know on our Twitter or Discord server! Until next time EarlyGamers!

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