Fortnite: Even More Suicide Squad Skins Are Coming!

Fortnite Suicide Squad
Bloodsport will not be left alone! | © DC Films / Epic Games

It was recently announced that Suicide Squad's Bloodsport will be coming to Fortnite, but ladies and gentlemen, that was just the beginning. It looks like more Suicide Squad characters are coming to Fortnite. Which Suicide Squad characters are coming to Fortnite? Let's take a look...

The Suicide Squad was released a few days ago, and to celebrate the film, Suicide Squad's Bloodsport will join Fortnite. The Suicide Squad director James Gunn actually shared a short clip of the announcement on his own Twitter, featuring Idris Elba and a brief glimpse of Bloodsport in action. Now it looks like more Suicide Squad characters will be coming to Fortnite. Which ones, though?

When is the Fortnite x Suicide Squad Crossover?

Epic Games have confirmed that the Fortnite x Suicide Squad Crossover will begin today, August 3. This will coincide with the release of Patch 17.30, and Bloodsport won't be the only Suicide Squad anti-hero to grace the game with his presence.

Fortnite Leaker HYPEX Tweeted the following:

A new set called "Task Force X" has been added to the files. So we could see more Suicide Squad skins after Bloodsport.

What Suicide Squad Characters Are Coming to Fortnite?

  • Rebirth Harley Quinn (Picky Sicky) with red and black hair
  • King Shark
  • Polka-Dot Man
  • Peacemaker

Spray designs were later added to the files that show the above-listed characters...

There is currently no release date for the above skins yet, but we can expect a pretty extensive crossover event, with possibly even more Suicide Squad characters coming to Fortnite over the next few months. This is evident from Epic Games and DCs history of cooperation, and their habit of using Fortnite as a way to promote other products.

When we learn more about the Fortnite x Suicide Squad crossover, we will let you know right here on EarlyGame's Fortnite News page! Until then, check out the following articles to get yourself up-to-date on the latest Fortnite news:

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This article was originally written by Alisa Eiber.