Fortnite: Superman Cosmetics & How to Do The Quests

Fortnite Superman
Super Skin coming to Fortnite | © Epic Games

The wait is over. The hero of justice, Superman, is finally coming to Fortnite this week! We'll tell you when and how you can get this new DC skin. We also guide you through some of the harder challenges like where to find Phone Booths and where Clark Kent, Beast Boy and Armored Batman are located.

Back at the start of Fortnite Season 7 of Chapter 2, there was a lot of excitement when we learned that Superman would be part of Fortnite's Battle Pass. But, we rejoiced too soon because, Superman, contrary to what we thought, did not appear in the Battle Pass. He was supposed to become the official "midseason skin" of Season 7, but that never happened.

Currently, we are already in week 10 of a planned 14-week Season, which is why we had almost given up on Superman, but folks, I can now reassure you. Superman is finally in the game this week with some quests and cosmetics. The world-famous Superman can now be yours if you complete all the Superman quests. We'll show you how and when you can unlock Superman in Fortnite.

Fortnite Superman Skin Release Date

Superman is in the game as of August 11. Season 7 has a revamped Battle Pass system for the first time, allowing players to unlock items at their preferred pace and in their preferred order. However, no matter how fast you collect Battle Stars for your Battle Pass this Season, Superman was always off-limits for you - until now. To unlock Superman you need to purchase the Season 7 Battle Pass.

If you are looking for more XP for your Battle Pass, then there are a ton of ways to get XP in Fortnite Season 7. We suggest you also complete this week’s legendary quests. You can disable Alien Billboards or gather intel with Spy Probes, all are great ways to earn some sexy XP.

On August 11, there won't just be the standard challenges as we know them in the game already. Some are specifically for Superman, with which you can unlock the following cosmetics:

Fortnite Superman Cosmetics:

  • Clark Kent outfit (default skin)
  • Superman Shield Spray
  • Call To Action Emoticon
  • The Daily Planet Back Bling
  • Secret Identity Built-In Emote (Superman skin)
  • Kal-El's Cape Glider
  • The Last Son of Crypton Loading Screen
  • Solitude Striker Pickaxe
  • Superman Banner Icon
  • Superman Shadow Style

All Fortnite Superman-Quests

Several of Superman's DC Comics allies will assign you quests on the map starting August 11, all of which you need to complete to unlock all Superman Cosmetics.

I know that looks like a lot to do, but this is a free skin, which is super rare in Fortnite. Epic is really stringy when it comes to giving out free skins in Fortnite. We'll help you out a bit and have all the quests and their quest givers for you here:

  • Take damage from a player and survive (Beast Boy)
  • Reach a speed of 99km/h in a vehicle (Beast Boy)
  • Use a launchpad (Armored Batman)
  • Fly a saucer (Armored Batman)
  • Visit three different named locations (Clark Kent)
  • Visit the mothership or an alien biome (Clark Kent)
  • Defeat aliens (Armored Batman, Beast Boy and Clark Kent)
  • Complete quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy (0/1)
  • Complete Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy quests (0/3)
  • Complete Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy quests (0/5)
  • Glide through rings as Clark Kent (0/5)
  • Use a phone booth as Clark Kent (0/1)
  • Complete epic quests (0/63) - TBA
  • Complete epic quests (0/68) - TBA
  • Complete epic quests (0/73) - TBA
  • Complete epic quests (0/78) - TBA

I think the quests should be easy to complete for the most part. You will definitely unlock Superman with no problems if you start questing day one!

Where is Clark Kent, Beast Boy, and Armored Batman on the Fortnite Map

Fortnite Superman locations
These heroes give you the quests! | © Epic Games

To unlock the Superman skin, you will need to find these heroes and do quests for them. Here are their locations:

  • Beast Boy: Located in the Center of Weeping Wood
  • Clark Kent: Located North of Corny Complex in the smaller farming complex.
  • Armored Batman: Located in the South part of Dirty Docks

Each hero will give you a different and easy-to-complete task in most cases, but we will go over the harder to complete quests next.

Where to Find Phone Booths on the Fortnite Map

Fortntie Phonebooth Locations
All Phonebooth locations on the season 7 Map | © Epic Games

The challenge as Clark Kent to Use a Phone booth is an easy one to complete if you know where to look.

  • In the south part of Craggy Cliffs.
  • East of Corny Complex at the small shop on top of the cliff over the river.
  • In the north part of Retail Row
  • In the West corner of Misty Meadows
  • Directly West of Holy Hatchery just across the road.

Where to Glide Through a Ring As Clark Kent

If you are looking for which ring you need to glide through, it is located near Beast Boy in the weeping woods.

We will keep you posted on any of the harder challenges in our dedicated challenge guide section, or we will update this very article when the other quests are known.

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