Fortnite Venom Bundle and How to Get it for FREE!

Fortnite Venom
Marvel Knock Out Super Series Tournament Venom Cup (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Venom bundle was teased on Twitter and will very likely be the next marvel hero featured in the Marvel Knock Out Super Series Tournament. Let's look at how you can get it for free!

We already had the Daredevil Cup and the Blackwidow cup, and Epic Games has leaked on Twitter a shadowy outline of the number one Marvel Anti-Hero: Venom. We already know of Venom’s SmashGrab from the Marvel LTM so it only makes sense the hero’s skin comes to the game as well via a new bundle. So why not offer it free via the Knockout Super Series Tournament? Epic has already given away both a Daredevil and Blackwidow bundle in the same fashion and we see no reason why they suddenly change it.

Take a look at the original Tweet for yourself, there is no denying that this teaser will come to pass!

The Cup is open to all Fortnite players and sign-ups should be in your playlist on Wednesday, November 18. If you place high enough in the tournament, you will receive the bundle for free. Take a look at each region’s placement requirements to earn your free bundle.

According to the previous cup’s placement:

  • Europe: 1st – 800th
  • NA-East: 1st – 500th
  • NA-West: 1st – 200th
  • Brazil: 1st – 200th
  • Asia: 1st – 100th
  • Oceana: 1st – 100th
  • Middle East: 1st – 100th

If you place in one of these brackets based on your region, you will get the Venom bundle for free.

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