Fortnitemares Cup - Sign-Up, Schedule & More

Fortnitemares - Wrath of the Cube Queen is here and you have a chance to participate in the Fortnitemares Cup and get some cosmetic prizes.
Fortnite Albträume Cup
The Fortnitemares Cup starts soon! | © Epic Games

Fortnitemares has officially arrived and brings a lot of cool stuff to Fortnite, including new NPCs, new challenges and rewards, and a brand-new POI. But what's missing to really round out the Halloween event? A Competitive Cup!

But unlike other cups, there's no free skin this time, and not even a Battle Royale mode. Instead, you can win some free cosmetics in the Fortnitemares Cup by playing the new LTM Horde Rush.

How Does The LTM Horde Rush Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Fortnitemares Cup is a little different from other cups. In Horde Rush mode, the goal is to earn points in a team of four. This means Horde Rush is a PvE LTM and you do not fight other players. In Horde Rush, you'll fight against zombies and creepy creatures. In doing so, you and your team will have to survive three encounters against the giant Sideways monsters. It's a relatively simple concept and not quite as sweaty as the other Fortnite tournaments we've seen in the past.

When Does The Fortnitemares Cup Take Place?

The Fortnitemares Cup runs from October 23, 7:00 am until October 24 7:00 pm. During this cup, you can play up to five matches of Horde Rush with your three friends and collect as many points as possible. You can complete your matches as you wish within the 36-hour time window.

How Can I Participate in the Fortnitemares Cup?

To participate in the Fortnitemares Cup, you and your friends need to be in the lobby together and select the tournament in the competition tab. You can't play the Cup with any replacement players, so don't forget to gather your friends before the tournament starts.

What Prizes Can I Win In The Fortnitemares Cup?

1,000 Horde Rush points are converted into one tournament point each. Prizes are awarded at 500, 1,000, and 2,000 tournament points. Here's what you can win:

  • 500 points: Wrath of the Blood Moon loading screen
  • 1,000 points: Out For Revenge spray
  • 2000 points Well Haunted emoticon

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