How to Get the Free PS Plus Fortnite Skin

In Fortnite, there is once again a special package for PS4 and PS5 players with PS Plus, a and they can pick it up for free in the PS Store. It's very easy to do, here's how!

Fortnite Free PS Skin
Grab the outfit Sultura for free. | © Epic Games

PlayStation Plus subscribers can now get a free new skin for Fortnite as part of a new cross-promotion between our favorite battle royale shooter and Sony. Already in the past, Sony has given away free goodies for Fortnite to reward PS Plus subscribers. And now, after a long time, this is finally happening again! So what's included in the package, and how do you grab the free skin?

What's included in the free PS Plus bundle?

The new Fortnite pack, which is now available to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers, includes the following two items:

  • Outfit Sultura
  • Pickaxe Cybersaber

The outfit is mostly black and blue, perfect for the typical PlayStation player. I guess Sony is anything but subtle! While Sultura herself wears a mask with white hair, she looks like some kind of assassin and should fit right in on the Fortnite Island where everyone uses bullets instead of words to solve their problems.

The pickaxe is a curved sword and looks like a saber minus the hilt, and trust me on this one a sword needs a hilt unless you want to cut off your own fingers.

How to get the free PS Plus Fortnite skin?

If you are a subscriber of the PS Plus service, you can get the pack for free. To download it, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store.
  2. Sign in with your Sony account.
  3. "Purchase" the free PlayStation Plus Fortnite bundle. (Assuming you're a PS Plus subscriber).
  4. You can also grab the skin directly from the PlayStation Store on your console.
  5. Then, the next time you log into your Fortnite account, you should find the new skin and pickaxe in your locker.

What's also pretty cool is that you can use the skin regardless of console. So, since Fortnite accounts can be linked between different platforms, you can download this skin through PlayStation Plus and then equip and play it through Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, or even mobile.

It is not known how long the bundle can be available on the PlayStation Store. However, looking at past bundles, you should have more than enough time to download the content.