How To Find And Destroy Hiding Places In Fortnite Chapter 3

We are already in week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 and as always, there are some challenges to complete. This time, you have to destroy hiding places, and we'll show you where they are.

Fortnite hiding place chapter 3
Just don't get surprised by an enemy in a hideout. | © Epic Games

We're already into week 9 of Chapter 3, Season 1, even though it feels like the new chapter has just begun. We don't have that much time left to complete the Battle Pass, so every challenge is important. And if you're having trouble in week 9, we're here to help, of course. Today, we'll show you where to find hiding places on the Fortnite map and how to destroy them.

What Are Hiding Places In Fortnite?

Of course, in order to destroy them, you first need to know what Fortnite's hiding place actually is. They are simply objects in the game that you can jump into and hide in. These spots look like normal objects from the outside, but when you get close to them, you can interact with them to jump into them.

Objects that can be secret hiding places are

  • Dumpsters
  • Porta-potties
  • Haystacks

Some porta-potties also teleport you to another location, so don't get scared if you suddenly slide through an underground tunnel and end up somewhere else.

Where Are The Hiding Places On The Fortnite Chapter 3 Map?

Conveniently, Fortnite's hiding places are scattered all over the island. There aren't many POIs that don't have at least one or two hiding spots around them.

While you'll stumble across hiding spots everywhere, there is one special place where you can destroy three hiding spots at once. Just head east of Tilted Towers toward a small shack. There are three porta-potties lined up outside. You need to destroy 5 hiding places to complete the challenge. Land there twice, destroy the porta-potties with your pickaxe, and the challenge is done!

Fortnite versteck location
An Easy 1-2-3 | © Epic Games

Once you have destroyed a total of 5 hideouts, the challenge is complete, and you will receive 25,000 XP for your Battle Pass. An overview of the remaining challenges for Chapter 3, Season 1 can be found there.