Fortnite: How To Flip A Vehicle

One of the Purradise Meowscles quest on page 2 requires you to flip a vehicle. If you have problems with the challenge, we are here to help you and show you the easiest way to turn a vehicle around.

Fortnite flip a vehicle
Fortnite: Turn over a vehicle and earn a weapon wrap! | © Epic Games

You can finally unlock the Purradise Meowscles Cat skin and its summery cosmetics in Fortnite Season 3! And while most of the quests are actually pretty easy, there is one quest that really makes players sweat. Namely, in order to unlock the "Purradise Pattern" weapon wrap on page 2, you have to flip a vehicle.

That may sound easy, but players still have problems with this task, so we'll show you the best and quickest way to turn a vehicle around.

Fortnite: Flip A Vehicle And Get The Weapon Wrap "Purradise Pattern"

We recommend you look for a motorbike for the task, as it's much easier to flip a two-wheeler than a car. Motorbikes are scattered all over Fortnite Island, but it makes the most sense to look for them at a gas station.

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Once you find a motorbike, build a ramp in the air. Now drive over it and do a rollover. Once you are upside down, jump off the vehicle and the job counts as done.

You can of course just drive a car off a cliff or other high place where it could roll over, but we had the most success with the motorbike method.

You should now have unlocked the weapon wrap and can move on to the other Purradise Meowscles quests.

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