How to Get Sideways & Find Sideways Weapons in Fortnite

How to get Sideways Fortnie season 8
Two ways to get Sideways | © Epic Games

Today we get Sideways with the latest Fortnite map change in Season 8. To get Sideways, you need to enter a POI or an Anomaly that holds both unseen dangers and powerful new Sideways weapons. Let's look at everything Sideways and how to get into this hidden realm.

At the end of Season 7, we had several large purple cubes crash-land on the island and this was played during the recent Sky Fire event. This event brought about the new Sideways realm to Fortnite Season 8 and serves as a new map mechanic in the game. Once you enter this Sideways realm, it becomes quite dangerous but well worth the rewards that are hidden within. Let's look at the different ways you can get Sideways.

How to Get Sideways in Fortnite

There are multiple ways to enter the Sideways realm, but when you go inside expect to be attacked by cube monsters and other players seeking the very excellent weapons within this distorted reality.

Enter at a Sideways POI

In each match, a new POI will be invaded by the Sideways monsters. To find this location, simply look for a giant orange sphere on the map. Then you just need to literally walk into it, after that, you have officially gone Sideways.

Enter at a Sideways Anomaly

Sometimes during a lobby, you may be able to find Sideways Anomalies at different locations. If present, they will appear as a small purple light on your map. However, be careful approaching them as they will suck you into the Sideways realm if you get too close.

The Anomalies also work a bit differently than the Sideways POIs, instead of just being full of easy monsters, they spawn waves of powerful monsters that you must defeat to get the equally powerful Sideways weapons as chest or floor loot. When I tested this with an early game loadout, it was much harder than I thought it would be, but I kind of suck – so you may fare better. Whatever the case, make sure you have a decent loadout before jumping into it.

Sideways Chests and Floor Loot

Fortnite chapter 2 season 8 sideways weapons
Two new Weapons in Season 8 | © Epic Games

Inside the Sideways realm, are the Sideways weapons, which are quite powerful, and at this point strong contenders for best weapons in Season 8. The Sideways Chests glow purple and are sometimes easy to miss as you are constantly under fire when you enter this realm.

Here, the risk is worth the reward as you can get the Sideways weapons and the Cube Parts to upgrade them. So far there are only two Sideways weapons and both can be upgraded to Mythic rarity using the cube parts.

Sideways Weapons:

  • Sideways Rifle
  • Sideways Minigun

Finally, there are a few Punch Card quests that make you go into the Sideways realm, but the new two new weapons should be reason enough. We highly recommend getting Sideways.

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