Fortnite - How To Get The Herald Skin

The Herald has been a boss on the Fortnite island for weeks and now you can don her outfit by completing special quests.

herald fortnite
The Herald is finally here. I © Epic Games

Following the arrival of the Fortnite 22.30 update, The Herald is finally obtainable as a skin. Do keep in mind, this is only available for owners of the premium Chapter 3 Season 4 battle pass, so if you don't own that you still have time to grind for it!

Don't worry about having to grind to a certain page of the battle pass, as you'll have the option to tackle unique quests pertaining only to The Herald skin and some nice cosmetics.

With all that said, here's all the quests available with the arrival of The Herald and the rewards you'll get for completing them.

The Herald Skin - Quests & Rewards

You'll have plenty of time to complete these quests as they'll be available all the way until the end of Chapter 3 Season 4, which will be around December 3.


Number of Times

Ignite structures50Epitaph Edge pickaxe
Damage opponents while Chrome-ified500Banner Icon
Eliminate opponents10The Herald's Leer spray
Tame Chrome-ified wildlife2Fading Ember Cloack back bling
Complete three The Herald quests3The Herald outfit
Destroy 50 objects with the Explosive Goo Gun.


Reality's Master emote
Talk with three characters and deliver The Herald’s warning.3Nothing Is Happening loading screen
Get Chrome-ified while driving.1Chrome-gratulations emoticon
Eliminate seven opponents at airborne locations7Heraldic wrap
Land at Herald’s Sanctum and place in top 10 twice


The Herald Burning Ember style

And that's it! Good luck on your grind during this final stretch of the season!

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