Is Fortnite Worth It on the PS5?

Fortnite PS5
So anyone playing Fortnite on PS5? (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Today will ask the hard questions! Is playing Fortnite actually worth it on the PS5. If you managed to get your hands on a PS5 and are playing Fortnite, we ask why?

Out of all the things you can do on your PS5 why would you ever play Fortnite? That is not a strange question to ask because you can literally play Fortnite on any device. Wait hold up! Unless you’re an iPhone user, sorry Apple fam. But we do have the Geforce workaround if you like playing games in Safar…

What Does Fornite on PS5 Have to Offer?

  • Haptic Feed Back with PS5 Controller
  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Faster Load time

The PS5 Dual Sense Controller is amazing and really shows off the next-gen gaming much more than any game could. The haptic feedback in Fortnite works with the weapons giving each one a different feel when you fire them.

The enhanced graphics bring a wide array of improvements to your Fortnite experience from lighting effects, higher particle density to more vivid colors. Grass, trees, water, and smoke will interact with explosions and just look better. All of these improvements run at a solid 60 FPS so it should feel very smooth even on 4К resolution. Finally, PS5 Fortniters will enjoy faster load times but maybe you will just end up spending more time waiting in the lobby!

Is it Еnough?

Fortnite is a free game and these are free upgrades, well minus the cost of a PS5, so you don’t really have anything to lose by playing Fortnite on your PS5. But what you do lose is the obvious competitive edge that playing on PC gives you. Nothing beats a mouse when it comes to precision and flick-speed. Shots fired at console players!

It really comes down to how you want to spend your gaming time. If you love Fortnite enough to shell out the cash for a PS5 to get some better graphics than power to you gamer! There are of course a great number of new PS5 launch games that maybe give you a great single-player experience that Fortnite somewhat lacks. It is definitely worth checking out some new games on your PS5 rather than playing last-gen games on it as well.

Fortnite on the PS5 is a free-roll as you’re also able to transfer your Epic account to your PS5 so all your skins are waiting for you in shiny 4k.

So is Fortnite worth it on the PS5? A solid, yes with a small footnote encouraging you to also check out some of the actual PS5 games currently available. Maybe you disagree? Then fire back on Facebook and Twitter we accept all challengers.

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