John Cena Teases Peacemaker x Fortnite Crossover

John Cena himself posted a Fortnite picture on his Instagram account. A teaser for an upcoming Peacemaker x Fortnite crossover? Here come the details.

John Cena Peacemaker Fortnite
Next big DC crossover. | © Epic Games / DC

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 has been out since early December and there have been numerous new collaborations. Like that of Vi from LoL, Clint Barton & Kate Bishop from Hawkeye, Spider-Man's nemesis, the Green Goblin, and much, much, more — all have made their way to Fortnite. And in just a few days, even an Uncharted crossover is set to appear in the game.

Now the punches keep rolling with John Cena of recent TV fame. On his Insta he teased the next possible crossover for Fortnite. Months ago, wild rumors were already circulating on the internet that Peacemaker could appear in Epic's Battle Royale. And apparently, it's finally happening.

Is DC's Peacemaker Coming To Fortnite?

After the arrival of The Rock as the foundation, John Cena is apparently the next big mainstream celebrity to appear in Fortnite. Who also happens to be a retired WWE wrestler, I might add!

Cena himself hinted on his official Instagram account that Peacemaker could be coming to Fortnite soon. There, he posted the official artwork of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1: Flipped on Feb. 16, 2022.

Following the success of 2021's Suicide Squad reboot, Peacemaker's story has been fleshed out into its own television series on HBO Max. Let's not forget that Bloodsport got his own skin in August to promote the movie along with the Harley Quinn skin which has received multiple designs over the years. So far, no other Suicide Squad characters have made it into Fortnite - until now.

Cena's Instagram has an image posted without any explanation, so it's still open to interpretation at this point. However, the Fortnite image we believe is proof that Cena will appear as Peacemaker in Fortnite!

No release date for Peacemaker x Fortnite has been announced or confirmed by Epic as they usually just silently upload it to the Item Shop or put out a short trailer to promote it days before its actual release.