Late Game Arena is Coming Back to Fortnite

Late Game Arena Fortnite
Collect hype at the Late Game Cups! | © Epic Games

Fortnite Late Game Arena is back, and once again, offers a point of contact for competitors who want to use and prove their skills against a variety of opponents.

Bugha's Late Game was added to Fortnite last season. Fortnite pros loved the mode, and thought that it was good practice for Tournament Play. Each match began during the third storm circle, where the players competed with certain materials and equipment. Epic Games eventually removed Bugha's Late Game after a $100K USD tournament, but now the Late Game Arena is back in Fortnite with a solo and trio format and some game mode adjustments. Let's dive into the details!

Late Game Solo Cup

On October 1, Epic Games will make the Late Game Solo mode available for the Solo Cup. Solo mode features eight new pieces of equipment designed for solo gameplay. Depending on the feedback from the players, the mode could be adjusted afterwards.

Padding for Trios and Customized Gear

On October 2, Epic Games will add the Late Game Trio Cup to Fortnite. One of the biggest challenges for some players is to find a team with whom they can play together. Fortunately, Epic Games added a fill option for the late game. This means that you can find random players to test the game mode with if you don't have any teammates. The nine loadouts for trios have been updated to match the Season 8 loot pool.

Hype Changes

Epic Games removed the bus fare from the arena divisions and added "long term goals" instead. As the season progresses, they will also experiment with different tournament formats to provide a more serious, competitive environment that is more like the FNCS Finals. Additionally, the hype leaderboard has also been fixed!

All Late Game Changes

  • Reboot vans have been added.
  • The first new zone forms 30 seconds faster.
  • The loot on the starting island now corresponds to the various pieces of equipment.
  • Alien wind tunnels are disabled at the start of the match.
  • Fixed storm issues.
  • There were a few issues in the original late game that prevented the storm from behaving as intended. That has been fixed.
  • Some matches were not completely filled with 60 players. That has also been fixed.

Aside from the new loot and late game gameplay changes in Fortnite, there are a few other things we can discover. Epic Games is still keeping a lot of secrets, so we will probably have to wait until October 1 to find out more...

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This article was originally written by Alisa Eiber.