Fortnite x Among Us Crossover Is Here!

An Among Us crossover will come to Fortnite, according to reliable leaks. We even got our first in-game look, check it out here.

Fortnite x Among Us Crossover Leak
A new leak suggests that there will be a Fortnite x Among Us Crossover! Please let this be true... | © Fortnite/Among Us

[Update June 9]

Damn, it's really been a while. Our original article on first leaks about a Fortnite/Among Us crossover is almost a year old at this point (you can check out the original story down below). Now, a long while later, we finally got the official confirmation and our first in-game look on the Fortnite & Among Us crossover.

Among Us developer InnerSloth posted a blog entry on their website, confirming the Fortnite/Among Us crossover. There will be exclusive cosmetics, like Back Bling, and emotes for players who own Among Us. Here are the exclusive Fortnite & Among Us crossover cosmetics:

  • Crewmate Back Bling: This comes with ten Styles based on Crewmate colors from Among Us: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, and Purple. Assemble your squad and create a crew!
  • Distraction Dance Emote: From our game The Henry Stickmin Collection, dance your way out of any situation!

The in-game look comes from good ol' Shiina, one of the best and most reliable Fortnite leakers. They posted a short video on Twitter, showing off the Among Us-themed items in Fortnite.

Having the little Among Us guys as Back Bling is genius. And it's cool to see different color variations as well! We're excited to see this in-game, the Among Us items should appear in Fortnite by the time you read this. Enjoy!

[Original Story: August 2021]

A Fortnite & Among Us crossover wow, that's pure power. The zoomer's favorite games might come together inside of Fortnite. How, why, when, where, and also, what – all good questions. Let's dive into the leak and what could be the hottest crossover of the year – Fortnite x Among Us!

First of all – let's all calm down. I know we are foaming at the idea of this crossover. Where does it come from? Well, a good friend of ours, the lovely HypeX over at Twitter, revealed this hot piece of info. If you don't know HypeX – where have you been? Never read a leak before?

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Anyway, nevermind. Our dear Mr. X is a pretty reliable leaker, data miner, reporter etc. on all things Fortnite. This lovely chap revealed in one of their latest tweets, that a Fortnite/Among Us crossover will come soon!

Now isn't that bloody exciting! It really does look like we will get an Among Us mode in Fortnite! Wow... I still can't believe it! Now, this is very much not confirmed. It is a leak by some person on twitter. However, like I said, this person is usually really reliable. So expect this to come true... but also don't blame me if it doesn't end up happening. Don't shoot the messenger!

Two tweets about a Fortnite & Among Us crossover? This must be true! Now, my good folks, let's not forget to take this with a pinch of salt while also getting extremely excited and prepare our lil butts for this most exciting for all crossovers. And also, don't forget: it's the weekend, go outside a lil bit, play Fortnite, play Among Us, and most importantly – eat a pizza.