Leak: Naruto Skin Coming To Fortnite

A skin based off of Naruto Uzumaki, one of the most famous Anime protagonists of all time, should be released in Fortnite this year. Leaks have suggested a future Battle Pass will contain Naruto! We have all the details for you right here!

The court proceedings between Apple and Epic games revealed a ton of future collaborations that may come to the game. Through this, many of the company's internal affairs were released to the public. Some of which publicized Epic Games' future plans as well as future Fortnite skins.

The main protagonist of the Naruto manga and anime series is one of those skins which was found within the documents. But, is this information reliable?

According to a recent leak, Epic Games has obtained permission to use the Naruto IP and it is further suggested that the Naruto skin will be in a future Battle Pass.

The source comes from popular leaker and data miner Shiia who suggest that Naruto is 100% coming to Fortnite.

Official Naruto Skin Leaks in Fortnite

The Apple x Epic document was shared by The Verge. You can find the complete document right here.

Scrolling down to Page 59, you'll be able to see all the information we've got about Naruto Uzumaki – probably one of the most well-known Anime characters worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no picture of the skin, only a photo of the character from the anime itself.

This is probably due to the fact that the character model hasn't been created yet. But there are also images of Sarah Conner, the Terminator, as well as Kratos in the document, and these are all playable characters already. So maybe we won't have to wait too long until we can become Fortnite Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf.

Naruto fortnite
This is what we see in the document when it comes to the potential Naruto Skin in Fortnite (Quelle: The Verge)

Naruto is an immensely popular anime character, so it would make sense for him to make his debut in Fortnite as well. Since its debut in 1999 Naruto has become one of the most sold manga of all time. The fandom is huge, which only makes this even better for a Fortnite collaboration. In the Cyber Infiltration Packs, there have been other anime characters as well, so Naruto would make sense.

Normally, Epic Games does not comment on any leaks. If we look at the size of this one, though, we don't think they can deny it or ignore fans' demands. Due to the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, many future plans of the video game developer have been leaked. It's no wonder that fans can't keep still at all these revelations!

When will the Naruto Skin be Released in Fortnite?

Currently, there is no official release date available for the Naruto Skin in Fortnite. We do believe that it will be playable in 2021 though, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Once we have more information, we will update you on everything you need to know about the Konoha Shinobi, so make sure to check back with EarlyGame often!


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Original Article written by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.