Leak: Marvel’s Shang-Chi & DC’s Peacemaker Coming To Fortnite

Shang chi peacemaker fortnite skins
Two new skins coming to Fortnite | © Epic Games

Fortnite leaks seem to suggest that both Marvel and DC will get new heroes added to the Battle Royale. Marvel’s upcoming Shang-Chi and DC’s Peacemaker from the latest Suicide Squad movie, are both set to hit Fortnite as playable skins at some point in time.

We have already seen several Marvel and DC skins in the item shop, so a few more wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? Outside of the damage to your pocketbook, if we believe the leaks, we will be getting even more superheroes in Fortnite. We have said it once and will say it again: Fortnite collaborations are now the new norm! Each new skin collaboration becomes a little less exciting as Epic Games seems to be saturating their own Item Shop with the heroes we all can't seem to get enough of. Will the crossover insanity ever stop?

When Will the Shang-Chi Skin be Released in Fortnite?

No date has been confirmed by Epic Games and the skin is still only a rumor. However, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is set to hit theaters on September 2, so chances are we'll see this skin in-game very soon. The Fortnite leaker also has a pretty good track record according to the Fortnite community, and they have been spot on for several skins in the past.

It shouldn’t be too long before we get to see Shang-Chi, the martial-arts master, running around Fortnite and dispensing some hard-fisted justice. That brings us to another hard hitter, John Cena, the most recent actor to play Peacemaker in Jame’s Gunn Suicide Squad.

Once again, a pretty solid source provides a pretty solid leak. This source was also correct in predicting the Bloodsport skin that was released in the item shop not too long ago.

When Will The Peacemaker Skin be Released in Fortnite?

The exact release date of the Peacemaker skins is really hard to predict because the latest Suicide Squad Movie has already been out for some time. It is anyone's guess at this point in time when we see the Peacemaker skin in-game. We wouldn't be surprised though if it just randomly appears in the item shop sometime in the coming weeks just as the Mecha Morty Skin suddenly appeared.

DC is definitely catching up with Marvel in terms of collaborations and at this point, it is safe to say the two IPs are in the race for the most Fortnite collaborations playable in-game. But we have to give the nod to Marvel since they literally had an entire Season of Fortnite dedicated to their Superheroes, Fs in chat for the Superhero LTM... man that was some great lobbies!

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