Leak: New Fortnite Tactical Overshield Mechanic

A brand new feature called Tactical Overshield is said to be coming to Fortnite. This mechanic will probably provide you with an additional shield bar. Here are the details.

Fortnite tactical overshield
Will we soon be running around with more than 200 HP? | © Epic Games

Chapter 3 has brought many game-changers to Fortnite; they literally flipped the island upside down, revealing a whole new map. We have had a brand-new slide mechanic and swinging with the Spider-Man web-shooters to move around the island much faster increase the tempo of each lobby.

But apparently, there are even more new things coming our way. Fortnite leaker HYPEX has hinted that a brand-new feature called “Tactical Overshield” is in development. Although not much is known about it, there is some information that allows speculation about what it could be.

What Is The Tactical Overshield & How Does It Work?

Currently, there's no concrete information about how exactly this feature will work. According to the leaks, it could either be a new feature like sliding or an upcoming mythical item. Either way, it could look like the following, think of extra HP on top of what you have.

Tactical Overshield A New Gameplay Feature

If it is a gameplay feature, the Tactical Overshield could be a new health bar to be filled up with heal items. Meaning, it adds more shields to your existing shield and HP and has its own shield bar above the blue shield bar. Maybe they will pick the color purple for it but who knows, your guess is good as ours.

Tactical Overshield As A New Mythical Item

On the other hand, if it is a mythic item, players could use the shield to have more shields than the enemies for a short period of time.

A good example of how it could work is the Master Chief's armor from the Halo series. When he is shot at, the shield takes damage and eventually breaks. After a short time of not taking damage, it recharges. But, this is probably way too OP to expect a Fortnite version.

When will the Tactical Overshield come to Fortnite?

It's not clear when or if the Tactical Overshield will even come to Fortnite. Considering that both the Slide mechanic and the Web-Shooters have just been added to the game means it could be a while before the Tactical Overshield appears in Fortnite. Let's not forget, there is also talk of a Tactical Sprint coming to Fortnite as well. So you should expect the feature in Chapter 3, Season 2, or Season 3 at the earliest.