MJ (No Way Home) Fortnite Skin | Price, Cosmetics & How to Get

Fortnite and crossovers—they just go together. New collaborations are announced again and again. In our weekly series, we introduce you to one Fortnite skin at a time. Today, it's MJ from Spider-Man No Way Home.

Fortnite MJ No Way Home
Another Spider-Man is in Fortnite! | © Epic Games / Columbia Pictures

More and more characters from series, movies, or other games appear as skins in Fortnite. To make sure you don't lose track of the story behind the characters, we'll keep you up to date. Our weekly series returns with a really cool collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel: MJ from Spider-Man No Way Home

Fortnite Skin MJ (No Way Home)

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a US superhero movie and a part of the most recent Spider-Man trilogy by Marvel. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland returns to the MCU once again as Peter Parker. At his side is MJ, played by Zendaya, and with her help, Spidey can track down a whole list of bad guys.

In No Way Home, Spider-Man needs the help of Doctor Strange to cast a spell. Peter is supposed to make the world forget his true identity, but this intervention has devastating effects on the multiverse. And soon, Peter must contend with evil forces from other realities.

Chapter 3, Season 1's Fortnite Battle Pass already includes the classic Spider-Man. Inspired by this year's movie, Spider-Man and MJ from No Way Home have been added to the Fortnite item store, along with some Spider-Man themed cosmetics. MJ is once again embodied by American actress and singer Zendaya.
Fortnite spiderman no way home
No Way Home Skins. | © Epic Games

How to get the MJ (No Way Home) Skin in Fortnite?

The MJ (No Way Home) skin was added to Fortnite on December 16, 2021 as part of the No Way Home set in Chapter 3, Season 1 with Patch 19.01 within Winterfest. It is available every now and then in Fortnite's item store and can be purchased exclusively there.

How much does the MJ (No Way Home) skin cost in Fortnite?

You can buy the MJ (No Way Home) skin in the Fortnite item shop individually for 1,500 V-Bucks. The skin is also available within the No Way Home set with other Cosmetics for 2,300 V-Bucks.

Which Cosmetics are included in the No Way Home set?

Spider-Man (No Way Home) is part of the set. The following Cosmetics are included in it:

Outfit Spider-Man (No Way Home)

Spider Man No Way Home Skin
Spider-Man (No Way Home). | © Epic Games

High school wasn't easy even before Peter Parker got superpowers.

The skin is a must-have for any Spider-Man fan! We were looking forward to getting a classic version for the Battle Pass, but everyone likes to play the original characters from the movies, right? Plus, you can also get the Peter Parker version without the mask, or send Spider-Man to the island in a black and gold variant.

Outfit MJ (No Way Home)

MJ No Way Home Skin
MJ (No Way Home). | © Epic Games

Mary-Jane or MJ to her friends!

What would Spider-Man be without support? MJ is played by Zendaya, who is probably one of the coolest female main characters from the Spider-Man universe. Maybe that's because it's Zendaya. By the way, this is already her second movie version in Fortnite.

Back Blin MJ's Book Bag

M Js Büchertasche
MJs Book Bag. | © Epic Games

Offers space for everything you need for extracurricular activities.

If you want to be smart, you also have to cram. Maybe not the very best back bling in Fortnite, but the little Spider-Man button on the backpack is still pretty cute.

Harvesting Tool No Way Home Run Bat

No Way Homerun Schläger
Harvesting Tool No-Way Homerun Bat. | © Epic Games

Finely crafted and perfectly balanced bat made of aluminum.

It's news that Spider-Man beats up his enemies with a baseball bat, but he has to hit with something in Fortnite. Let's put it this way: Epic Games was pretty creative here.... Or did they take a cue from Harley Quinn?

Emote Fantastic Unmasking

Fantastische Demaskierung
Fantastic unmasking| © Epic Games

Who is Spider-man?!

This emote is integrated into the Spider-Man (No Way Home) outfit and can only be used with it. A Peter Parker reveal on the island doesn't hurt, does it?

Back Bling Spider-Man Icon

Spider Man Back Bling
Spider-Man-Symbol. | © Epic Games

The symbol of everyone's favorite spider.

You want to show that you're a Spider-Man fan, but also want to play one of your 100 other skins? Then put on this back bling, and you're done!

Check out Spider-Man No Way Home in Fortnite with this cool promo from Epic Games:

We'll be back next week with our Fortnite skin showcase series with another cool collaboration. Until then, why not check out our other articles on it: Dune Skins or the Matrix.