Fortnite Most Wanted Event: How To Get The Free "Golden Blooded Ace" Skin

The Fortnite Most Wanted Event is here. Complete the quests to boost your daring and earn the free Golden Blooded Ace Outfit!

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The new Most Wanted Event in Fortnite is here! | © Epic Games

Fortnite Patch 23.40 not only brought back well-known weapons to the island, but also a completely new event called Most Wanted! Become the most wanted player on the island and earn tons of free cosmetics, including the Golden Blooded Ace outfit.

This is how Fortnite Most Wanted works

If you want to be one of the most wanted players on the island, you must complete the "Most Wanted" quests to increase your daring and collect the free game rewards. You can achieve this, for example, by opening safes and eliminating opponents.

You can track your Heat level via the flame icons on your HUD, similar to the stars in GTA.

As soon as your wanted level increases even a little bit, the cold-blooded members will become more aggressive towards you, you will be visible to other players on the mini-map and you will also be easier to see in your immediate vicinity for your opponents.

But being a notorious criminal isn't necessarily a bad thing. With each Heat level, you get different benefits:

  • 🔥 Eliminated enemies drop more bars.
  • 🔥🔥Your movement speed is increased by 15% and you fully regenerate your health out of combat.
  • 🔥🔥🔥 Your movement speed is increased by 20% and you fully regenerate your health and half of the maximum shields when out of combat.
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Your movement speed is increased by 25% and you fully regenerate your health and shields out of combat.

All Fortnite Most Wanted Quests & Infamy Rewards

The "Most Wanted" quests are divided into five parts that become available over time. By completing a majority of the quests in one part of the quest, you will unlock the next part and receive a Cold-Blooded Medallion.

Otherwise, you'll earn Infamy, which you can use to unlock free cosmetics, including the Golden-blooded Ace outfit.

Intel & Recon

Complete "Intel & Recon" quests7Cold-Blooded Medallion
Increase your Heat level41,5K Infamy
Purchase weapons from Ace’s Exotics or Ace’s Armory vending machines101K Infamy
Collect a Vault Keycard dropped by a defeated Cold Blooded Boss11,5K Infamy
Visit named locations containing a Cold Blooded Vault


1,2K Infamy
Collect Gold Bars2.0001K Infamy
Spend Gold Bars on weapons or services in different matches51,5K Infamy
Search Safes or Cash Registers


1K Infamy
Damage opponents using Exotics and unvaulted weapons
1.0001K Infamy
Collect a Heavy Sniper or Boom Sniper Rifle
1750 Infamy

Going in Loud




Complete "Goin In Quiet" quests7Cold Blooded Medallion
Destroy structures or objects using explosives251,5k Infamy
Reach max Heat Level in different matches31,5k Infamy
Claim a named location containing a Cold Blooded Vault11,25k Infamy
Damage opponents within 10 meters with a Shotgun or SMG5001k Infamy
Hire a character31,25k Infamy
Damage players with a Pistol within a single match3001,25k Infamy
Eliminate members of the Cold Blooded51,5k Infamy
Throw and detonate a Gas Can2750 Infamy
Increase your Heat Level by using a Burner Pay Phone11k Infamy
Thank the Bus Driver31k Infamy
Gain Shields500

1k Infamy

Going in Quiet

Complete Going In Quiet Quests7Cold-Blooded Medallion
Emote within 10m of a member of the Cold Blooded1750 Infamy
Damage opponents with a Sniper Rifle5001k Infamy
Search chests before taking any damage101.5k Infamy
Eliminate opponents with a Suppressed Pistol or Shadow Tracker21,2k Infamy
Damage opponents while inside of a big bush or leaf pile2001,2k Infamy
Hide in a dumpster, a hay stack, or a flusher21k Infamy
Collect Gold Bars from eliminated players1501,2k Infamy
Survive Storm Phases at full health51,5k Infamy
Travel distance while swimming2001k Infamy

Cracking the Vault

Complete Cracking The Vault Quests7Cold-Blooded Medallion
Assist in defeating Cold Blooded Bosses31,5k Infamy
Collect Gold Bars in a single match500750 Infamy
Collect Heisted Exotic Weapons71k Infamy
Eliminate opponents with an Exotic Weapon51k Infamy
Emote inside of a Cold Blooded Vault1750 Infamy
Open up a Cold Blooded Vault using a Vault Keycard


2k Infamy
Search Cold Blooded Coffers51,5k Infamy
Search Supply Drops2

1k Infamy

Spend Gold Bars50001k Infamy

Clean Getaway



Complete Clean Getaway Quests71x Cold Blooded Medallion
Purchase the Rift Service from inside a Vault1
Damage opponents while riding a Dirt Bike2001k Infamy
Damage opponents while sliding2001k Infamy
Get seconds of air time while riding a Dirt Bike301k Infamy
Mantle objects while under the effects of Slap10750 Infamy
Reach a speed of 70 in a vehicle11k Infamy
Ride in different vehicles in a single match31,2k Infamy
Survive storm phases while carrying an Exotic weapon52k Infamy
Travel distance while sprinting and at Max Heat Level1000m1,2k Infamy

All free Most Wanted Cosmetics in Fortnite

Collect five Cold-Blooded Medallions to unlock the Solid Skull upgradeable back bling! After unlocking it, you can further evolve the back accessory by completing the associated Solid Skull quests. These quests, which will remain available until the end of Chapter 4, Season 1, are all about getting as many eliminations as possible.

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Become the most wanted player out there! | © Epic Games

All remaining cosmetics can be obtained by collecting enough heat:

  • Escapees wrap - 4,000 Infamy
  • Infamy banner icon - 8,000 Infamy
  • Double Tags harvesting tool - 12,000 Infamy
  • Most Wanted spray - 16,000 Infamy
  • Cash Stash back bling - 20,000 Infamy
  • The Heat Is On loading screen - 24,000 Infamy
  • Combocopter glider - 28,000 Infamy
  • Cold Blooded Style wrap - 32,000 Infamy
  • Cold Blooded spray - 36,000 Infamy
  • Vault Guardian harvesting tool - 40,000 Infamy
  • Snake Sack emoticon - 44,000 Infamy
  • Gold Blooded Ace skin - 48,000 Infamy

Fortnite Most Wanted is available until February 28th, 2023 at 08:00 CET, so make your loot while the guns are still in the vaults!

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