Fortnite Mythic Pistol: Stats & How To Get Them

The Mythic Pistol is on Fortnite Island! We have their stats for you and show you how to get this awesome weapon.

Mythic pistol fortnite
We show you how to get the mythical pistol in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

Introduced in Chapter 4, Season 1, the Tactical Pistol is a fast-firing, fully automatic pistol that uses small ammo to deal damage to enemies. It's a great, versatile weapon that many prefer to use even than the assault rifle.

And now the little thing got an upgrade, because patch 23.30 brought a mythical version of the weapon into play. We've got the Mythic Pistol stats for you and how to get them.

Fortnite Mythic Pistol: Stats

Let's start with the stats of the mythical pistol. As said before, this weapon is pretty OP, but see for yourself:

  • Damage: 29
  • Headshot Damage: 58
  • Rate of fire: 6.8
  • Reload time: 1.25s
  • Magazine size: 15

Let's get to the question of how to get this great weapon in the first place...

How to get the Mythic Pistol

In fact, you cannot get the mythical pistol through an NPC on the island. A number of new reality augments have been added with the latest Fortnite patch, including the Mythic Munitions perk, which equips you with the Mythic Pistol.

So either you're lucky and that perk appears randomly, or you keep rerolling until it appears. But keep in mind that only the first roll is free and you have to pay gold bars for each additional roll.

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