New Fortnite Crossover: Alien and Ripley Skins Coming!

Fortnite Alien Skin
That sex-toy shaped head was all the fuzz back in 1979. Also, Ridley's hair-cut was everything back then. (Credit: Epic)

Fortnite will be adding an Alien Xenomorph and a Ripley skin! The nostalgia 80's and 90's movie skin set is complete.

Fortnite really knows how to target their post-2000 baby-boom key demographic: Predator, Terminator and now Alien – it's an 80's and 90's skins reunion. Also, this is the Alien vs Predator sequel we never thought we'd get.

For the 15-year-olds among you that don't know: Alien was the sh*t back then. Definitely rewatch it when in company of a legal guardian or when you're of rated R age (look at us... so responsible), but for now, you can relive the horror with new Fortnite Alien Skins.

What Alien Skins Will Be Added to Fortnite?

Well, you saw the thumbnail, right? That's an Alien Xenomorph skin. So, yes, we're getting a Xenomorph skin. Apart from that, an in-game portal also teased the arrival of Ripley – so we're 100% expecting a Ripley skin as well (also you saw that in the thumbnail, so... duh). For the kids: Ripley is the main character in Alien. She's basically Alien's Khaleesi.

Fortnite Alien Skin
Straight out of the late 70's: Fortnite kids, meet every Boomer's childhood nightmare. (Credit: Epic)

If you need any more proof and think 'well, this could all be photoshopped, sir' then here you go: Fortnite leaker and data miner ShiinaBR, also found these sound effects which might as well be straight from the 1979 movie:

Other data miners also confirmed that there is data suggesting an extra-large skin is being added to Fortnite. Well... the Xenomorph is definitely bigger than a human, so really this is not a leak, this is early confirmation: Fortnite is getting an Alien Xenomorph and a Ripley skin.


Fortnite Alien Skin
Look Ma: It's a Xenomporh in Fortnite. That Alien whose head looks like the toy I found in your bedroom. (Credit: Comrad3s - the guys whose watermark is all over this photoshopped picture...)

What's the Release Date for the Alien Fortnite Skins?

We don't know.

No, really... we don't know...

Uhm... sorry? Promise to update you? We'll call?

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