New Rick and Mecha Morty Fortnite Skins & Cosmetics Leaked!

Morty Skin Fortnite
Rick and Morty both join Fortnite

We already got Rick as a part of the Season 7 Battle Pass, and now we finally get his loveable grandson, Morty. A Mecha Morty skin is now available along with some more Rick and Morty themed cosmetics.

Fortnite collaborations are here to stay. They are no longer surprising, but simply expected to be in Fortnite. Epic Games has its finger on pop culture, and it is no big shock that Rick and Morty came to Fortnite Season 7, but at first, we only got Rick. So, where the heck was our Morty? The long wait is over because a Mecha Morty skin is now playable.

When is the Mecha Morty Skin Released?

The Mecha Morty Skin is in the daily Item Shop now as of August 23, but it could leave at any moment. Items only stick around for a few days, or even only 24 hours. Epic Games also released a short video to promote the Mecha Morty Bundle, which shows Morty hunting down a Fortnite player.

The Mecha Morty Bundle

These new Rick and Morty Cosmetics are now in Fortnite and were previously data mined from patch 17.40. The Mecha Morty Bundle sells for 2200 V-Bucks and includes the following items:

  • Mecha Morty Skin
  • Morty's Backpack Back-Bling
  • Space Snake Pickaxe
  • Get Shwifty Emote
  • Look At Me Weapon Wrap

The Mecha Morty Skin has Morty inside an exoskeleton which should give him the proper height and hitbox of a regular Fortnite player. The Space Snake Pickaxe has a series of animations on it. The Mecha Morty skins also have a cool feature as Morty does not hold the Pickaxe, but it is instead held by the exoskeleton Morty controls.

Finally, we get everyone’s favorite Rick and Morty meme: get Schwifty. This emote is right out of Season 2, Episode 5 of Rick and Morty, which is simply titled: "Get Schwifty.” It is a matter of opinion, but this is probably the best Rick and Morty Episode, so we definitely recommend you check it out.

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