Nike Leaked Codes For Free LeBron James Fortnite Skin

Lebron Fortnite Code
Nike x Lebron x Fortnite Promo! | © Epic Games

The LeBron James skin will be released in Fortnite tomorrow, July 15, but with only one day left until the basketball legend's arrival, a code was leaked by Nike, and it circulated quickly. Those lucky enough were able to redeem the skin for free. We have all the details for you!

LeBron James is the latest star to get his own skin in Fortnite. The skin is part of the Icons Series in Fortnite and now the basketball player joins the likes of Neymar Jr, Harry Kane and Reus, as well as Fortnite the legend Ninja.

The original Nike LeBron 19 shoes will be a style available for the LeBron skin. Nike jumped on the LeBron hype train and added their own bit of flair to this already fever-pitch Fortnite skin that will be released very soon.

Fortnite LeBron James Codes

We know you're here for the code, it is/was: RFLAC-DVX9Y-7N4F7-LUKCK. Nike posted a special section called SNKRS Special LeBron 19 Uniform on their website. On it, was pictures of the LeBron shoes and the official LeBron skin wearing a Space Jam Tune Squad style. Soon after, some LeBron fans discovered a code in the images, and it was a code that looked similar to the codes you can redeem for Cosmetics or V-Bucks on Fortnite's official page. This appears to be a legit mistake by Nike, and for a short time, the code did in fact gift you the Space Jam Tune Squad skin for LeBron. However, at this time the code appears to be disabled.

Fortnite redeem codes are pretty notorious for having really low caps, meaning only so many people can use the code before it is deactivated. This appears to be true for this code, as it no longer redeems if you try it. Yep, it sucks, blame Epic.

The entire website where the images and code were located is now offline. If more codes arrive, we will of course update this article for you, but these things are like wildfire, so it's hard to be fast enough.

Don't worry, you will just have to buy the skin with your own V-Bucks as soon as it appears in the item store tomorrow at 2 AM CET.

The LeBron Bundle Contains:

  • LeBron James Skin
  • King-Bling Back-Bling
  • The King Pickaxe Skin
  • Wingspan Glider Skin
  • Silencer Emote

Looking for more info? Check out our LeBron Comes to Fortnite announcement.

Keep in mind the Tune Squad LeBron is sold separately, and the details are yet to be data-mined nor confirmed. But chances are it was the SNKRS images leaked by Nike.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.