Fortnite: All Omni Chip Locations

In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, you can customize your personal harvesting tool, the Omni Sword. However, you will need Omni Chips to do so. Here's how and where to get them...
All Omnichips Locations
Grab the chips and customize your sword! | © Epic Games

As usual, the latest Fortnite Season "Resistance" has started with a collection quest where you have to visit several locations to get a number of items. This time, you'll have to collect the so-called Omni Chips to customize your very own harvesting tool, namely the Omni-Sword.

What Are Omni Chips?

With the Omni Chips, you'll be able to customize the blades, protections, colors and even the sound effects of your Omni-Sword. To access this feature, you'll first need to get the Battle Pass and unlock the Omni-Sword with Battle Stars. After that, you'll have access to all the customization options.

To do this, however, you'll first need to get your hands on the Omni Chips hidden on the map. Keep in mind that Epic Games will be adding more chips to the map as the season progresses, so we'll be updating this article weekly for you.

All Omni Chip Locations

The Omni Chips are spread all over the Fortnite map. However, you will always find three of these chips in one place. This is an overview of all the locations so far:

Fortnite all omni chips
Here they are! | © Epic Games

Alright, let's check out those locations..

Logjam Lumberyard

Logjam Lumberyard chip. | ©
  • You can find one chip on the east side by the huts, near a fenced area by the pallets.
  • Then go north into the big building, where you will find the next chip behind the bounty board.
  • The last chip is on the southwest side, next to a pile of logs

Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove chip. | ©
  • One chip is located on the crosswalk east of the Taco restaurant.
  • The next one is inside the Taco restaurant in front of the cash register.
  • The last one you'll find is on the south side of Greasy Grove, under a small roof between two benches.

Mighty Monument

Mächtiges monument
Mighty Monument chip. | ©
  • You'll find a chip on the east side of the island of the Mighty Monument on the piece of land that juts out towards the right.
  • Then go to the footbridge on the west side. There, you will find the next chip.
  • Finally, go under the large rock formation on the north side, where you will find a chip in the shallow water.

The Temple

Omnichips bei Tempelanlage. | ©
  • In the Northern Temple, at the top of a staircase, you'll find an Omni Chip.
  • South of the location, at the top of a Temple, is the next chip.
  • Then go west from the second Temple, and you will find the final Omni-Chip at the top of a staircase.

Chonker's Speedway

Chonkers Speedway
Omnichips bei Chonkers Speedway. | ©
  • At the starting point of the track under the first bridge in the east you will find the first Omni Chip.
  • Run or drive along the track until you reach a ramp leading back to the west. Just before the ramp, you will find the next Omni Chip.
  • The last one is on the north side of this area. Use a boost to skip the ramp from the previous position, and you'll land right in front of the next Omni Chip.

Loot Lake

Loot Lake
Omnichips bei Loot Lake. | ©
  • All the Omni Chips in this area surround the small island at Loot Lake.
  • The first one is in the east.The second one is in the north, across from the Jetty.
  • The final one is on the west side of the island.

Camp Cuddle

Camp Cuddle
Chips at Camp Cuddle. | ©
  • Close to the TV inside the lodge on top of the hill in the southern part of Camp Cuddle.
  • By the jetty in the middle of Camp Cuddle at the western shore of the lake.
  • Beneath the pink bridge in the northern part of Camp Cuddle, close to the pink cabin.

Synapse Station

Synapse Station
Chips at Synapse Station. | ©
  • Up on the balcony in the northernmost building of Synapse Station.
  • On a pipe that is located on top of the roof of the water treatment plant within the lake.
  • By the northern entrance of Synapse Station's main building.


Chips at the Sanctuary. | ©
  • Inside the inner yard of the building that is located shortly before the wooden bridge at the northernmost point of Sanctuary.
  • Above the main entrance of the large building in the western part of the location.
  • Underneath the arch of the buildings in the southwestern part of Sanctuary.

The Daily Bugle

The Daily Bugle
Chips at the The Daily Bugle. | ©
  • On top of the big rock close to the zip line at the southern entrance of The Daily Bugle.
  • On top of an air vent on the main building's roof.
  • Between the bookshelves at the reception of the small building in the northeastern part of the location.

Condo Canyon

Condo Canyon
Chips at the Condo Canyon. | ©
  • In the middle of the square that is surrounded by buildings in the western part of the location.
  • At the Vending Machine opposite of the previously mentioned location.
  • In the middle of the biggest pool in the southern portion of Condo Canyon.


Chips at the Windbreakers. | ©
  • All three Omni Chips are connected to the zip line in the northeastern part of the island. Use it and you'll collect all Chips in one go.

Rocky Reels

Rocky reels
Chips at the Rocky Reels. | ©
  • One Omni Chip is located in front of the waffle kiosk in the northeastern part of Rocky Reels.
  • There is a tall building in the northwestern part of the location that has a white screen on the outside.
  • The Omni Chip is located on the roof of that building.The last Omni Chip is inside the arcade that is located in Rocky Reels southwest.


Chips at the launchpad. | ©
  • One Omni Chip is located in front of the waffle kiosk in the northeastern part of Rocky Reels.
  • There is a tall building in the northwestern part of the location that has a white screen on the outside. The Omni Chip is located on the roof of that building.
  • The last Omni Chip is inside the arcade that is located in Rocky Reels southwest.

Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts
Chips at the Shifty Shafts. | ©
  • You can find an Omni Chip at the end of a wooden platform that is located in the northern area of the location. There is a orange and black-colored truck underneath that plattform.
  • If you'll jump down from there and head through the opening on the left side, you can find another Omni Chip in the far left corner right under the wooden staircase.
  • Run past that staircase and pass the red mine cart. The last Omni Chip is hovering straight on – exactly over the tracks.

II. Seven Outpost

II Außenposten der Sieben
Chips at the Outpost. | ©
  • The first Omni Chip is on the mountain west of the building.
  • The second chip is on the outpost itself, on the bridge on the second floor of the building, just in front of the entrance.
  • You can find the last Omni Chip in the main building. Go to the east side. There you will find the chip between two chairs.

Tumbledown Temple

Chips at Tumbledown. | ©
  • Go to the west of The Joneses and east of Rocky Reels. Enter the west side entrance to find the first Omni Chip on a path leading to the center of the temple.
  • From there, go further east and go up some stairs. There is the second chip.
  • The final chip is south of the main floor. You should see it when entering the landmark from the south.

Crispy Craters

Verbrannter Krater
The chips at Crispy Crater. | ©
  • The Scorched Crater is located in the southeast of Greasy Grove. There you will find three large craters in the earth. The first Omni Chip is in the northern crater.
  • The second chip floats in the middle of the easternmost crater.
  • Now head to the crater at the southern end to find the last Omni Chip under a broken building.

Cuddle Cruisers

Club Kuschelboot
The chips at Cuddle Cruisers. | ©
  • Club Snuggle Boat is on the island, to the east of The Daily Bugle. The first chip is to the east on one of the two piers.
  • The second chip floats on the roof terrace in the northeast corner.
  • You can find the third chip in the south of the island next to the zipline.

Sleepy Sound

Sleepy Sound
The chips at Sleepy Sound. | ©
  • The first Omnichip at Sleepy Sound is in the southern part, under the underpass connecting the two easternmost buildings.
  • The second chip floats in the northern part of the POI of the westernmost building by the water under the shelter.
  • You can find the third chip on the jetty, in the very north of the town, on the edge of the island.

Command Cavern

Command Cavern
The chips at Command Cavern. | ©
  • For the first omnichip, head into the cave from the northernmost entrance across the river. Then turn right and walk past the drill on the right, through the entrance into the building. Go through it and you'll find the chip at the top of the balcony, in front of the IO logo.
  • For the second chip, go through the northern entrance again, but this time walk straight towards the main building. Climb up to the first floor and keep walking straight towards the vault until you see the chip.
  • To find the third chip, run through the southernmost entrance of Covert Cavern. Run past the first staircase and down the second staircase. Turn 180 degrees and walk through the entrance in the direction you came from. There the chip floats in the middle of the aisle.

The Joneses

The Joneses
The chips at The Joneses. | ©
  • The first omnichip is located in the southwest of The Joneses. Go to the small lake where the chip is on the edge of the jetty.
  • The second omnichip at The Joneses is in the large barn-like building in the bottom floor of the jail cell.
  • The third and final omnichip is under the overturned boat in the center of the location.

Shell or High Water

Vornehme Villa
The chips at Hero Mansion. | ©
  • You can find the elegant mansion in the north of the map on the mountain west of Sleepy Sound. The first omnichip is just a few steps southwest of the house near a campfire.
  • The second chip is inside the big house. Go up the stairs to find the chip at the top.
  • Go through the hedge maze north of the house to find the last omnichip.

Coney Crossroads

Coney Crossroads
The chips at Coney Crossroads. | ©
  • The first omnichip in Coney Crossroads is in the northeast corner of the area. Go to the garage next to the gas station where the chip is hidden inside.
  • You can find the second chip in the pink ice cream shop on the east edge of Coney Crossroads. Head to the building's second floor outdoor patio to get the second chip.
  • The third and final omnichip in Coney is across the street from the second. Head southwest through the gate where the last chip sits on top of a fountain.

All Omni-Sword Customizations

You can customize your Omni-Sword in terms of its blade, its guard, its colors and the sound effects it has. Here is a quick overview of what options are at your disposal.


Fortnite blades
Here are the Blade variations. | © Epic Games
  • Lightwave
  • Destroyer
  • Thruster
  • Scalpel
  • Thorn
  • Shadow Slayer
  • Pinpoint
  • Splinter
  • Undercut
  • Backslash
  • Cleaver
  • Sharktooth
  • Hyperstrike
  • Kata Scythe


Fortnite guards
Omni-sword Guards. | © Epic Games
  • Flank
  • Rebel
  • Bantam
  • Knuckles
  • Triplehorn
  • Sleek
  • Ceremonial


Fortnite colors
Omni-Sword Colors. | © Epic Games
  • Inferno
  • Hypersonic
  • Neon
  • Evergreen
  • Oceanic
  • Argentum
  • Enlighten
  • Icestorm
  • Sapphire
  • Ultraviolet
  • Amethyst
  • Bubblegum
  • Crimson Quartz
  • Carbonic


Fortnite sounds
Omni-Sword Sound Effects. | © Epic Games
  • Hybrid Elite
  • Agile Alloy
  • Jagged Power
  • Photonic Energy
  • Armored Charge
  • Ultralight Plasma
  • Whisper Static

And that's it! All the Omni Chip locations in Fortnite's latest Season. More content, that's for sure, so get on-in there and enjoy it! Have fun collecting!

This article was originally written by Alisa Eiber.