Where to Place Video Cameras at Different Landing Ship Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite season 7 video camera locations quest
Another week, another secrets cam! | © Epic Games

Epic has added the Legendary Week 10 Challenges to Fortnite as Season 7 comes crashing to an end. We need to, yet again, do more spying this week, but instead of probes, it’s cameras! We show you where to place video cameras at different landing ship locations on the Fortnite season 7 map.

Well, it is not clear why we continue with this spycraft nonsense in Season 7, but if you want your Battle Pass XP, you will need to stalk across the map and place some cameras at pretty random locations. This time, you will need to place 3 different cameras, but at least there are 16 different locations you can go to complete this quest.

Let’s take a look at a snapshot of all the locations on the Season 7 Map, so you can plan your general route and how you will complete this quest in one lobby.

Where to Place Video Cameras at Different Landing Ship Locations

Video Camera Locations Fortnite Season 7
All Video Camera Locations | © Epic Games
  • Inside Coral Castle to the west
  • Inside Pleasant Park to the Northeast
  • Just outside Craggy Cliffs to the south
  • Just Outside of Steamy Stacks to the southwest
  • Just Outside of Believer Beach to the Southeast
  • Just outside of Boney Burbs to the South
  • At the Entrance of Dirty Docks
  • Just outside of Holy Hatchery to the South
  • Inside the Southeastern section of Weeping Woods
  • Inside Misty Meadows, in the Northeast Corner
  • Inside Lazy Lake in the Northeast Corner
  • South of Catty Corner near the mountain’s Base
  • 3 Cameras are hiding inside Retail Row

We suggest you either play three lobbies and try to knock out one camera per lobby, or go big and head to Retail Row. At this POI, there are three cameras on the outskirts of the town.

Retail Row Video Camera Locations

Video Camera Locations Fortnite Season 7
Retail Row has 3 Video Cameras | © Epic Games
  • South of Retail Row outside the city and on a hill under a tree.
  • On the edge of the city near the Southwest corner under a small tree.
  • Just outside of the city on a hill to the south

Keep in mind that if another player beats you to the location first, you will not be able to place a video camera. In this case, you need to go to a new location, or you can start a new lobby if you do not care about losing a match. Once you place all 3 cameras, you will score 30K XP, and then you can move on with your lovely little day.

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