Fortnite Season 7: Where to Place Prepper Supplies at Hayseed’s Farm

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Prepper Supplies are needed at the farm! | © Epic Games

In Week 6 of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7, we need to place Prepper Supplies at Hayseed’s Farm. If you are hungry for some XP, then look no further than this short guide that tells you where to go and what you need to do for this new Week 6 Legendary Quests.

The Week 6 Legendary Quests have arrived, and it is the perfect chance to get even more XP for your Battle Pass. If you missed the Week 5 challenges in Fortnite Season 7, there is still time to complete them before they disappear from your quest log. So why not destroy computer equipment at Corny Complex because you will be heading near this POI to place the Prepper Supplies anyway.

That’s correct, Hayseed’s Farm is located directly east of Corny Complex and the Prepper Supplies need to be placed in Hayseed’s farm and not in Corny Complex. Simply, cross the river east of Corny Complex and climb up the cliff to find Hayseed’s farm on the hill.

Alternatively, you can also mark the location on your map and glide there from the Battle Bus at the beginning of your lobby. This way, you can attempt to place the Prepper Supplies first before any other player beats you to the punch. If you were not aware, once a Prepper Supply is placed by any player, no other player can place it afterward. If this is the case, you will need to find another location or another lobby to complete this quest.

Let’s look at all locations to aid you in your quest.

Where to Place Prepper Supplies at Hayseed’s Farm

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5 Locations to place prepper supplies | © Epic Games

Now that we have located Hayseed’s Farm, placing the Prepper Supplies should be pretty easy, but as you may know, other players can contest you or kill you before you reach the place you need to put the Prepper Supplies.

Detailed locations of Prepper Supplies at Hayseed’s Farm in Fortnite:

  • Behind the large farmhouse in the north of Hayseed’s Farm.
  • In the cornfields furthest away from the farmhouse.
  • Next to the bridge at the river that leads to Corny Complex.
  • Under a tree where the path branches off.
  • Outside of Hayseed’s Farm where the path meets the road to the south.

Like most quests and challenges in Fortnite, you simply need to interact with the location to complete it and in this case, you only need to place one Prepper Supply. The hard part comes from beating other players to it first and not dying in the process.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, why are you doing chores on a farm in my Fortnite Battle Royale lobby? Well, it turns out that there has been a number of quests in Season 7 that have been farmed-themed. It looks like Epic keeps adding to an evolving storyline via the quests, but it is unclear where it is going exactly. We are sure this will somehow tie into the Alien Invaders story at some point. Who knows, maybe the Prepper Supplies scare off the UFO flying, ray gun-wielding Aliens invading the island because stranger things have happened in Fortnite before.

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