Razer Invitational: Europe Fortnite #2 — Finals Recap

Razers Invitational in Europe is back! This time, it's going to start with two Fortnite tournaments! But who has snatched up the 5k prize money in the Fortnite #2 tournament?

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After last year's resounding success, the Razer Invitational - Europe tournament series has returned on October 14, 2021. The digital event is the largest EU-based esports tournament of its kind open to the public.

It opened with the battle arena shooter Brawl Stars, a fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer Battle Royale for mobile. The tournament series continued with the first of two tournaments for Fortnite. The second tournament followed a week later. But which teams were able to prevail and secure the prize money? Let's look at the winners of the Razer Invitational Europe: Fortnite #2 Finals.

Razer Invitational - Europe Fortnite #2 Recap

The Fortnite #2 tournament started on Friday, October 29 with the qualifying rounds and ended two days later on Sunday, October 31 with the finals. The Trios format was played. A whopping 1633 teams competed, of which 307 made it to the playoffs. But only the top 33 teams advanced to the finals, where they competed for a prize pool of 5,000 euros. But there could only be three winning teams.

Kriss, Iraner7, and dios got 3rd place with a 2 point lead and a total score of 126 points.

DKS, graye, and Mirza secured 2nd place in both the playoffs and the finals, putting in an impressive performance. In the playoffs, they collected a total score of 140 points. In four rounds, they made it to 1st place once. They scored 31 eliminations in total.

Unfortunately, they did not play all five rounds, which allowed the trio consisting of jaxxen, riipeex1, and vic0 to pass them. The three dominated the finals with their balanced kill & placement performance across all five rounds. In the five final rounds, they picked up one win and a total of 28 eliminations. In total, they scored 148 points, taking down first place.

Prize Money Break Down

The following prizes were divided equally among the three best teams:

  1. place: 2,700 euros
  2. place: 1,500 euro
  3. place: 900 euros

Congratulations to everyone that won, and we hope it was great fun for everyone! The next tournament will be the Valorant one, so make sure to stick around and stay up-to-date.

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