Are the Fortnite Servers Down? How to Check the Server Status

You want to play Fortnite, but nothing works? We'll show you how to find out if it's your internet connection or Epic Games servers.

Fortnite status
Severs down!| © Epic Games

Epic Games has the daunting task of overseeing one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the world. Fortnite, despite its ever-growing popularity, is unfortunately not without its problems. It's not surprising, though, since the game has over 100 million players to support that servers can be overloaded from time to time. We'll show you how to check the server status of Fortnite here!

How to Check the Fortnite Server Status

The game often goes down for maintenance, especially when a new chapter, season or patch has been installed. However, that's not the only reason Fortnite might be down. The game has to deal with a number of issues at any given time. Most of the time, the servers are stable, but there is always the odd day when players can't get into the game, or are simply kicked out of the round.

If you're not sure if the Fortnite servers are down or the problem is on your end, however, there are a few ways to check.

Fortnite Status Website

Epic will let you know the status of the game via a dedicated Fortnite website. If everything is green, the game is running without any issues. Yellow means degraded performance and red means a major failure. It usually also says what the problems are and whether Epic is already working on them.

The Fortnite Status Twitter Account

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account is often the quickest way to find out if there are any problems with the game, the servers or the login. There, you will also find out if scheduled maintenance is taking place or if major changes have been made to the game.


Another place to start is the DownDetector. If Epic's status page and Twitter account aren't giving you the answers you're looking for, you should check here. The site provides up-to-date information and points out any outages that have occurred in the last 24 hours. If Fortnite is down or having problems, the page should give you a clear indication. In addition, you'll also see the locations where most players have reported an outage.

We know how super annoying it is when the game you're about to play isn't working. Remember, though, that Fortnite is still free-to-play, and it's certainly given you plenty of great gaming hours for it. So don't get too upset. The servers will work again sooner or later.