The Rock is in Fortnite

In the past, there have been rumors that the Foundation is played by none other than The Rock himself. Now, shortly before the release of Chapter 3 there are even more hints that this could be true.

The rock fortnite
The Rock is in Fortnite. We can all die happy now. | © Epic Games


There isn't much to say, other than: It's official. The Rock is in Fortnite.

There are multiple hints that point towards Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson being the Foundation from Fortnite. Fans have speculated for quite a while whether the Rock really is the Foundation. His own Fortnite hints also don't help the speculation. But what was once just insane fan theory could actually come true.

The Rock Posts Instagram Video with Foundation in the Background

The Rock has posted a video on Twitter and Instagram in which the helmet of the Foundation from Fortnite is clearly visible. Sure, the post is about the energy drink ZOA, but fans zeroed in on the clear Fortnite reference right away.

The description of the photo is as follows:

ZOA delivers healthy energy when you get to that ZERO POINT so you’re always taking the HIGHER GROUND.
Because drinking ZOA, will always give you the strongest FOUNDATION in the UNIVERSE!

Okay, the whole bla-bla about the energy drink isn't what really interests us, but there were a few curious words there and expressions that seem a little too obvious to us Fortnite lovers:

  • Higher Ground: Come on, you all know what Highground in Fortnite is and what advantage you gain. No explanation needed, eh?
  • Zero Point, is an important aspect of the Fortnite story. It's the center of the whole reality universe Fortnite has created.
  • Foundation: One of the most important characters in Fortnite and the character that is most often associated with The Rock – this is the point where I'd insert a thinking emoji if I was on Twitter.

None of this seems like a coincidence. Come on, the stars haven't aligned, and the Rock randomly used all of these terms for shits-and-giggles, right? This post comes right before the finale of Chapter 2.

Not only is the text of the post curious, but the Foundation helmet in the fridge is just too sus and makes it quite obvious what Dwayne is hinting at. Oh, and we also took the video even further under the microscope and at the end of the video, there is something that could resemble a weapon from Fortnite Chapter 3.

Now one more curiosity has caught our interest. This post was also shared by Donald Mustard. This is the straw that broke the camel's back, and we're now certain: The Rock and the Foundation belong together – not in that way you dirty-minded people...

The Rock and Previous Fortnite Hints

Let's go Marty McFly, time to step into our time machine and look back at all the hints we've received regarding the relationship between the Rock and the Foundation – of course, other than the fact that both their names start with 'the'.

The Rock Hints at Being in Fortnite

On November 26, 2020, Brandon Davis shared a photo on Twitter of a balloon with The Rock on it, captioned, "Why does @theRock float look like a Fortnite skin?"

Joshua Erenberg then replied, "Don't give them any ideas." And then the protagonist of this whole article replied, "I'm way ahead of you."

Was the Rock already in talks with Epic Games back then?

The Rock Posts Odd Fundament Videos on Insta

On March 16, a day before the start of Season 6, the Rock posted a cryptic video on Instagram. In the video, he spoke about the importance of March 16 in a "certain culture". Not only that, but he also explained that there is a "connective tissue between one world and another world". If you have no context and watch the video it just looks like the rambling of a sweaty, buff dude, all that's missing is a tinfoil hat, but if you're a fan of Fortnite, then maybe all this makes more sense.

He finishes off the rambling by stating that "This is all done to strengthen and evolve and grow. The power and the force is known as… the Foundation." Then he raises his brow. This can't be a coincidence... right?

The description of the video? Simply "the Foundation".

So we all remember the trailer of Season 6, right? And how big of a deal the Foundation played in it? It could just be a complete and utter coincidence, but if we're honest then we should have also won the lottery, died in a plane crash or gotten bit by a shark all on the same day. That's how unlikely this seems to be a 'coincidence.

The Rocks Tattoos Fit the Foundations Armor

Reddit's users have also found that the shape of the Foundation's armor fits perfectly to the numerous tattoos littering the Rock's chest and arms. Is this just another coincidence? If you still think so, then you probably also believe water can turn into wine, eh?

Game Data from the Foundation Hints at The Rock

Another aspect that makes us believe that the Rock and the Foundation are one and the same is the game data itself. The assets which refer to the Foundation skin all have the codename "TurtleNeck".

We all know what we thought, right? Remember that world-famous picture of the Rock in his sexy turtle-neck sweater?

The voice files for the Foundation are also named 'DJ' which could refer to the initials of the Rock, because, shocker guys, his name isn't really the Rock, but rather Dwayne Johnson – it sounds wrong without 'the Rock' in the middle though, right?

The Rock could be the voice Actor for the Foundation

We've been holding onto the biggest piece of evidence regarding our theory, though. So, Jordi Boixaderas, the Spanish VA for many of the Rocks movies like Jumanji and Fast & Furious, is also the voice actor for the Foundation in the Spanish Fortnite version.

Yes, the voice is filtered to hell and back, but we can't ignore the fact that the Rock could really be voicing the Foundation.

Do you still need more facts? Seriously, we gave you multiple solid theories, so there is no reason to be a naysayer anymore. When will the Rock finally step forward and tell us, though? Or is he just having fun leading us by the nose?