Travis Scott's Fortnite Concert Earned an Epic $20 Million!

Travis Scott Concert
Remember that Travis Scott Concert? It earned big! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

American Rapper Travis Scott's and Epic Games' collaboration fired off a simply larger than life Fortnite virtual concert. The event hit big on several metrics and new details have emerged about the event held in April. Find out right here!

Travis Scott’s Astro Nomical was a live virtual convert inside of Fortnite held on April 26, 2020, and had over 12 million viewers in-game during the event. The concert saw a larger-than-life Travis Scott rapping and vibing in-game as he towered over the cornet goers who danced, emoted, and raced around the open-world concert map. Giving a Fortnite dance-off new meaning!

The Virtual concert is really something else to see and fuses both gameplay elements and performance in this strange but cool show.

The YouTube video now has a staggering 115 million views and it has been recently reported by Forbes that this digital concert has earned Travis Scott over 20 million dollars! That’s a Sh*** ton of V-Bucks! What is more shocking, is that this event earned even more money than an actual real-life Travis Scott concert!

When asked about why Travis Scott would do something as unique and unusual as a video game concert he said,

"It was an opportunity to go to the max, to create a world that permits won’t let you do, fire marshals won’t let you do, building codes won’t let you do, to have unlimited fun."

If you have never heard of Travis Scott, you should know he is a somewhat notorious performer and rapper. Not for his lyrical content in his songs, but for his live shows where people have literally been injured during one of his crazier performances. In one case, the rapper was arrested by police for inciting a riot in Arkansaw, USA where fans simply got out of control. It's no wonder he went for a much safer venue inside Fortnite’s virtual world to try some next-level epic dance moves!

We at EarlyGame are curious if Epic Games will ever invite another music artist into the World of Fortnite. Who would you want to see? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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